Sharpton a Bigot? NO WAY!


The comment that has gotten ole’ Al in trouble…

“As for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyway, so don’t worry about that. That’s a temporary situation.”

I think this is pretty clear and straightforward.

Mitt Romney responds with….

“It shows that bigotry still exists in some corners,” Romney said. “I thought it was a most unfortunate comment to make.”

Al’s response..I’m sure you can take an educated guess…but I’ll spare you the headache

Sharpton said his remarks were being taken out of context and that he was responding to an attack by Hitchens, who, he said, had charged that the Mormon Church supported segregation until the 1960s.

“In no way did I attack Mormons or the Mormon Church when I responded that other believers, not atheists, would vote against Mr. Romney for purely political reasons,” Sharpton said in a written statement.

He also accused Romney’s campaign of engaging in “a blatant effort to fabricate a controversy to help their lagging campaign.”

Sharpton told The Associated Press that “[Mormons] don’t believe in God the way I do, but, by definition, they believe in God.”

After the whole Imus debacle…it’s obvious why Sharpton is in hot water. But his back tracking and blatant lie (taking his quote out of context) is tiring. I can read what he said…you can read what he said. I’d say it’s pretty straight forward.

Should he lose his job over it?…Whatever that job is (troublemaker?) No..but it would be nice.. FOR ONCE AL, to hear you apologize for the things that come spewing out of your Pie-Hole. 

Al Vs. Mitt


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