Giuliani Stays Left on Abortion.

Giuliani, to an audience of Conservatives, reaffirmed his position on Abortion.

Sigh…well I’m not sure what anyone expected…or if they thought he might change his views.

I’m happy he has stuck with his beliefs..maybe because I agree.

Before I was a mother I was a staunch Pro-Choicer. But, at that 6-week visit, when I saw my son’s heart beating, I had a whole new view of things.

But, that doesn’t mean I think a Woman should go thru with a pregnancy if:

1. It hinders the mother’s heath significantly or it’s dangerous for her to have the Baby.

2. Rape, Incest. I can’t imagine.

Now I realize there are other circumstances out does Rudy.

He says:

“In a country like ours … I believe you have to respect their viewpoint and give them a level of choice. I would grant women the right to make that choice.”

I am firmly against Late-Term Abortion. I think it’s disgusting and there is NO excuse for it LADIES! We all know how it works!

Rudy supported this in his early years but seems to have changed his mind. I say, Good for you Rudy. There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind. We all do it, why can’t he?

The article ends with this…

“I have profound respect for your views,” he said. “I have profound respect for your education, and I have profound respect for your religion.” But, he said, it is uniquely American to disagree on some political issues while agreeing on many others.

“We understand how to respect each other’s differences,” he said.

I like him more and more.


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