Intelligence Vs. Global Warming. Oxymoron anyone? I’ll take two.

Groannnnnnn. Everytime I read anything on Global Warming and how we’re all going to DIE next week if we don’t wipe our ass with one piece of toilet paper..I groaaaaannnnnn.

First..My stance on Global Warming. I think it’s a crock. A Big CROCK. Filled to the hilt with you know what. I’m not going to apologize for this position, and I can’t give you all the facts on why I believe it’s a crock. But Basically, my feelings come down to this. WE ARE CO2. We need it, every living thing needs it. And why isn’t our Sun playing a part in the Earth Warming or Cooling? (DUH)

Anyone who has gone to school has learned of our history. We know it’s been colder and warmer then today. Anyway..this isn’t about how I feel…it’s about our Intelligence Agencies and their involvement on this Global Warming Farce.

This is a Democrat push. Why?? I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine. I think it’s a great idea to waste the CIA’s time on studying the “Threat of Global Warming to the United States”. (Rolling Eyes) HUH??????

 Aye Yay Yay!

“House Democrats want to return to the days when the CIA wasted valuable resources on ‘bugs and bunnies.’ My objection is not about the validity of global climate change. I am concerned about whether it is an intelligence issue,” wrote Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-CA) in a Thursday Wall Street Journal op-ed. “While Democrats call for U.S. intelligence agencies to study global climate change, they continue to grossly underestimate the terrorist threat.”

Hoekstra, who chaired the committee in the Republican Congress, was referring to an order in the Intelligence Authorization bill, passed Thursday, which called on the CIA to complete a ‘national intelligence estimate’ or NIE on the threat posed by global climate change. NIEs represent the highest level assessment of a particular security concern completed by America’s intelligence community.

Obviously I disagree with this statement : “My objection is not about the validity of global climate change.” Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-CA)

He just had to throw that in there. I truly wonder if they really believe in this crap or do they say it because of the political fallout? You seem to get ostricized if you voice your opinion against Global Warming.

I’m getting off topic. NO, I don’t think the CIA should be wasting their time on this nonsense!

Read more here

I plan on visiting this topic again.


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  1. I also currently believe that humans are not causing global warming, the sun is. Rather than reiterate all the reasons I believe this, go read my reasons here:

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