Paris Falls! The Terminator to blame!

Heh Heh. Don’t mind my chuckles… Wait..mind them, this is my blog!


Paris…maybe the punishment is unfair…MAYBE, but Darlin’..You need a freakin’ wake-up call and I can’t see anything better then a little time in the slammer!

(Though personally..I think boot camp would do her much better).

After her little petition, comparing herself or…aligning herself with the likes of Nixon and such…Arnie says he’s too busy for the Hilton Heiress.

Oh so sad. boo hoo. Kleenex anyone?

I didn’t think so.



1 Comment

  1. Boot camp would do her good indeed. And a shaven head. I really hope this spoiled princess really learns something new in prison. Too bad she’s not going to jail for longer, say half a year. That would really teach her some respect.

    I really hate her being sort of a role-model to young girls. She doesn’t have a clue about the impact her public behaviour can have on the lives of other people. I sometimes wonder, what does she stand for?

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