Thanks Big Brother?

When you are far from home, uncomfortable, and just plain missing something familiar..Big Brother has come to the rescue 🙂

Ok..maybe not Big Brother…exactly 🙂

A Piece of Home :

You can go here and watch Pikes Peak live. It was really neat for the first 5 seconds..but..staring at a Mountain isn’t that exciting. Peaceful YES!, exciting No 🙂 to something more exciting!

What could be more exciting then Traffic!

This is the Traffic cam at Platte and Powers Blvd. It’s About 2 miles from my parents house.

Maybe I want to see what traffic is like heading to Denver????

Let’s check out the Monument Hill/I-25 Traffic Cam. This is great in the winter as Monument Hill usually get’s’s nice to see what’s going on.

Looks like it’s getting busy!

I can even go statewide and see what the traffic like is in Denver up to the Winter Playgrounds 🙂

Alright Last one because I have to put up a traffic cam from my Birth City.

Here’s I-25 and 20th St. Hi Denver!!!

It’s Amazing what you can find on the web.

Now if I could just transport myself there…hmmm

Beam Me Up Scotty!


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