The Ring of Darkness

Take a good look, it’s hard to miss. That big dark ring, astronomers believe, just might be some proof of Dark matter. “Blatant Proof”

This was taken courtesy of the Hubble telescope.

Dark matter makes up a vast majority of gravity-exerting mass in the universe, while only about 10 percent is matter we can see and touch.

How it was formed?

The ring, 2.6 million light-years wide, formed when two huge clusters of galaxies slammed together in a head-on collision roughly 6 to 7 billion years ago, puffing the mysterious matter outward, the astronomers figure.

If the galactic hit-and-run had occurred outside of Earth’s line of sight, the result might look more like the “Bullet cluster” — another cosmic impact site that astronomers view as strong evidence for dark matter.

Though some scientists are skeptical of the findings ….

“But it shows up in another Hubble camera’s data as well,” he said. “It’s not as clear, but it’s still there. We argue the ring has been seen twice now.”

Isn’t the Universe fascinating?

The complete findings will be detailed in an upcoming issue of the Astrophysical Journal.

After reading this article via, I have an urge to pull out “The Whole Shebang” by Timothy Ferris.


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