American Workers: Paid Vacation? Say what?

The lack of guarantees by our Government, says researchers from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, means one in four private-sector workers do not get paid leave.

Government Guarantees: 

The Finnish : 30 days paid leave, 9 paid Holidays

The French : 30 days paid leave, 1 paid Holiday

The Europeans: 20 days paid leave, 13 paid holidays

The Canadians: 10 days paid leave, 8 paid holidays

The Japanese: 10 days paid leave

The Americans: Nada, nothing, Zero, Zilch, Nil.

Despite the lack of Gov’t guarantees, 90 percent of U.S. employers offered vacation, the study found. Workers received an average of nine days of paid vacation and six paid holidays, a total of 15 days off per year.

“The sum of the average paid vacation and paid holidays provided to U.S. workers in the private sector — 15 in total — would not meet even the minimum required by law in 19 other rich countries,” Schmitt said.

Ouch! I remember a time…

….when we made fun of people who took work so seriously! Not that working isn’t important, it is…but so is a break.

I don’t even work and I need a vacation.

For as rich and powerful as we are, we sure don’t know how to treat ourselves to a nice beach and  margarita. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

Forget the drink, I’ll take the beach.

…enough divagating. The article is here via Reuter’s.


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