Hate Crime? : Channon and Christian


Yesterday I updated you on Fox News covering this story via Bill Hemmer and “BYA” (Because you asked).

Michelle Malkin of hotair.com also mentioned this yesterday. (she has the video also)

I’m writing this because of the comments I have read.

The one clear outcry I hear is, “If this were 5 white people who had done this to a Black couple, it’d be all over the news”. And you would be right.

Why? Because the ilks of Sharpton and Jackson would be shoving it in our faces, showering the Press with how evil the white man can be.
So I ask you, Are we trying to do the same? I don’t think Black people are evil, do you?

I hope not! These 4 Black men and 1 black woman were evil. Just as every other murderer out there, Black, White, Asian, Indian….etc. Evil. Disgusting. If I had a say, I’d say they should die the way they killed their Victim. And then again, does that mean I’m stooping to their level?

So the question is, what are we to gain by this getting out in the National News Theater?

First, you have to discern whether this was a “Hate Crime” in the typical sense of the phrase. Did they purposely do this because they were white? And if it had been a Black couple, would they have had the same fate?

I’m not sure we can answer that and most likely, will never know unless it comes out in trial. But I will admit, that I have doubts it wasn’t.

My opinion? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been in the news a lot lately. Duke and Imus being the most recent of cases. Before the truth of Duke came out, I guarantee a lot of White people were pissed. Why? Because we thought the Duke players were animals. And truth be told, they made White people look like asses. This is a common phenomena these days. White people are trying to move on and far far away from the days of Slavery when Black people were looked down upon and treated like pure shit. The majority of us are not proud of this history. And yet, there are a number of Black people who won’t let us forget.  And maybe we shouldn’t, but damn it, there has got to come a time when we both look at ourselves and each other, admit to all our mistakes, Black and white and get the F*&% Over it. We can never move on if we keep blaming each other for things we had no Control over! I didn’t live back then and neither did you.

So, what does this have to do with Channon and Christian? Because just as white’s are shown their mistakes and evil ways via the news, so should Blacks. Black and White are both capable of horrendous acts and we need to admit to that.

Yesterday I came across this :

Knox Blacks Celebrate Carjacking Rapists in ‘Party’

St. Nicolas Thief, president and founder of Black Poverty Speaks, along with many local Knoxville blacks who live in the Washington Pike area has organized a social action protest celebration championing Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins.

Davidson and Cobbins are the brothers and two of the five suspects charged in the carjacking, kidnapping, rape and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

“We’re coordinating the celebration to to jive with the march angry whites are planning in memory of the victims and because of the ‘media black-out’ they note the case is receiving from national news networks,” Thief, who is currently stationed in Knoxville, said.

“We’re celebrating underprivileged Knoxville blacks who victimize privileged Knoxville whites,” he added.

I was going to post this yesterday but found I couldn’t find an actual “news” link or “newspaper” link to this story.

I found the source was a white supremist blog. Ugh.

Yes the White Supremest/Nazi’s are pushing this story hard. I felt dirty just being on the site.

Nevertheless, if both are true (the plannings of a March by the Nazi’s/Black Poverty Speaks) I say, I’m fine with it.

 Why? Because we need extremists in this country. HOLD ON NOW…I don’t want to lose you yet.

When I see or stumble upon a White Supremest website or person, I am reminded of how much I don’t want to be like them. That I am disgusted by their behavior. I assume the same for a majority of Blacks or hope that when you see a group like “Black Poverty Speaks” you say the same thing.

Extremists are at either side of the spectrum..FARRRRRRRRRR on the other side, it’s up to the rest of us to come somewhere in the middle.

LaShawn’s Barber Cornertalked of this a couple of days ago also…as have numerous other blogs. But LaShawn is Black. She is a columnist for the Washington Examiner and has the same opinion that alot of us do, that this Murder was horrific and why aren’t we hearing about it. And let me be clear, I only note the fact that she is Black because of the story.

Reading her post, reinforced my own thoughts about this. It’s good to see evil in the world so the rest of us can come together and acknowledge our condemnation of it.


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  1. Yesterday I was out grocery shopping with my friend and came across an acquaintance I had met before Christmas. She remembered me from when I was buying cat food; we had stopped to chat. She was an American, I am from France, living in Ireland.

    So I said to her “Oh hi, how are you!? Did you have a nice Christmas” and she got really angry with me and barked back “We don’t celebrate Christmas…”, expecting me know why, I didn’t so I asked “Oh why’s that then..” and she replied “We’re Jehovah Witnesses”…

    Well to all and sundry who don’t celebrate Christmas – people when they say it, say it to be friendly, courteous and polite; it’s never a question that is intended to offend anyone and to be honest – how am I supposed to know what religion/faith a person is?

    I basically accept people as they are – if they are rude, well I don’t bother with them – their colour, creed, sexuality doesn’t come into the equation.

    Why can’t people just get along?

    When I asked bought a t-shirt on ebay from a Muslim guy, I had said the same to him (not knowing at the time, he was Muslim) if he had a nice Christmas, and rather than bark back at me and be rude, he said “I’m Muslim, we don’t celebrate Christmas, but we did take our children to their friends house, and our friend had a little gift for the kids”, well now that was a nice touch, because a three year old isn’t really in touch with their religion (it’s something they learn from their parents etc) but a three year old is attracted by the bright lights of a Christmas Tree, and the excitement of opening gifts; so it was nice of the man’s friend not to leave his kiddies out of the excitement.. but he said to me “all in all we enjoyed the season as well, just we have our own special days..”

    So why not educate people on the different religions instead of being rude about them? I don’t know anything about the Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, Hindu faith (if I’ve left one out, it’s only because I only know these ones.. ) so educate me..

    As for people been black and white – I think it’s nice that we’re not all the same and that at the end of the day; we’re all God’s people & he gave us all a free will – and if our free will chooses different faiths and way of life; so be it.. he also gave us a free will to be good or bad..

    So my heart does go out to the the families and loved ones of Channon & her boyfriend; that was undoubtedly a perverted act of evil and only found out about it on the internet news; it wasn’t screened on our tvs in Ireland..

    I do not and will not ever agree that the KKK is right – they should be ashamed of themselves for the way they think of others; it’s disgraceful.

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