A Day to Reflect and Remember

This weekend Families will be traveling, friends will get together, smoke will be rising from backyards, neighborhoods will smell of foods and ring with laughter, kids will be waving flags at parades, Bands will play, Veterans will wave.

All the while, others will be far from home, far from family, far from friends, far from the comfort of someone’s inviting backyard.

Most of us have a long weekend. We plan our trips, set aside gas money to get down to the beach or whatever destination fancies you.

What I hope, is that you take a moment to look around you and appreciate the things you have, the connections you make everyday, the good times that make life what it is.

Maybe you’re a person on the go…. never stopping to smell the roses, forgetting about the wonderful things that await you if you would just pause for a moment and notice.

Memorial Day means stopping and recognizing what others have given so you can have days like today. Many Americans have left behind the comforts of home and sacrificed everything they had and were, so that we could build and live in the Greatest Country in the world, America.

Take some time today and reflect. Think of the past, think of the future.
Think of the lives given and saved. Think of your family and friends, close and far away. Think of the Men and Women who keep you safe and who keep you Free.


The below is a collage of pictures I have from when I was deployed and from troops involved with Operation Freedom Smoke. (The site is going thru an overhaul so please don’t mind the mess)

Enjoy your Memorial Day.


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