Al-Qaida, U.S., Flagpole, After School.

An American Al-Qaida member is the star of a new video tape threatening the United States with attacks far worse then 9/11.


Wearing a white robe and a turban, Adam Yehiye Gadahn, who also goes by the name Azzam al-Amriki, said al-Qaida would not negotiate on its demands.

“Your failure to heed our demands … means that you and your people will … experience things which will make you forget all about the horrors of September 11th, Afghanistan and Iraq and Virginia Tech,” he said in the seven-minute video.

Ben Venzke from IntelCenter says:

‘the group likely did not believe any of its demands would be met.’

Obviously this is the point. Al-Qaida knows we don’t and won’t negotiate with terrorists. Therefore, this is just an excuse to justify attacks on the U.S. A way to say, ‘hey, we told you, now you will pay.’

So should we be worried? I’ll tell you what, this is all eerily familiar.

The fact that I live in Germany right now and we are under a “Heightened Alert” and the tapes. Well…if anything, keep your eyes open.

As you may or may not recall, around July 23rd of 2001 warnings came out about an attack overseas. I remember the night I read the article (which, by the way, I have searched the Internet far and wide for such an article..nothing seems to go back far enough). I was working at our Command Post, a graveyard shift and was reading the news on I read the article, found it so interesting I forwarded it to my Parents, Sister and friends. And we know what happened after that.

Remember, it only takes one guy to cause harm. One. One Psycho, One Terrorist.

It doesn’t matter how smart or stupid these cells are, it doesn’t take brains to pull a trigger or push a detonator. 

Whenever someone threatens you, you should take it seriously. No matter what. If your family or children were threatened, you would take it seriously. So take this seriously. It’s the same exact thing on a much bigger scale. Don’t be afraid, just be vigilant, observant.

Also recognize that these terrorists know exactly how to get to us..mentally. Before Iraq, they were telling us we needed to convert, drop our support for Israel. Using Iraq as leverage and knowing how torn our Country is, they tell us we must leave the Middle East or face devastation.

All our lefties out there will use this as an excuse for why we shouldn’t be involved in Iraq. And that’s called waiving a white flag.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what we do, they will hate us. If we pulled out of Iraq, then we would have to stop supporting Israel or face attacks. If we stopped supporting Israel then we would all have to convert to Islam. If we did that we’d have to give up or Western ways.

 Their demands are ENDLESS.

 If it looks suspicious, feels suspicious, it probably is suspicious. Let’s take care of each other out there. This is our Country, Defend it anyway you can, even if it’s just with your eyes and voice.



  1. Al-Qaida, U.S., Flagpole, After School.

    An American Al-Qaida member is the star of a new video tape threatening the United States with attacks far worse then 9/11.

  2. Dear Mom,

    It’s been an interesting day, between the “hey Jason I need you to get down here now” from our Brigade Commander, to the rocket attack in the afternoon, to watching a bloody troop enter the CSH…I really didn’t think it could get much better. Until our battle update brief tonight…due to the surge, i’ve been extended with my unit for an additional 3 months. We were two months away from kissing this desert good bye. In fact, this will bring my total time in Iraq to 15 months (5 air force deployments). We hope to return home before the holidays. I say much of the above sarcastically, but in truth if this is what I’m being asked to do- I will do it and I do it willingly. Believe me, nothing would be sweeter than to come home, but it seems like right now we’re being asked to push harder and do things greater than ever before. I’m not one to walk away from a fight, and damnit that’s what this is. Whether you trust the media sources that enter your lives or trust the soldiers that are out here winning this war, believe this…the insurgents are linked to terrorists here and we’re beating them. I’ve seen primary sources on this. All the “dumb” insurgents have been killed off over the years of fighting, these parts are left with the highly trained, well funded, and intelligent cells. So we have surged as a military to give it one last hard push. It’s breaking mens spirits, destroying families, and halting careers, but portrays devotion, men fighting for worthy causes…and as TR stated, “at the worst, if we fail, at least we fail while daring greatly…our place shall never be with those cold and timid sould who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    Time to quell the storm and ride the thunder.

    Another 5 and change to go- your son, Jason


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