Habla Usted Español?

Late last week Arnold Schwarzenegger, to a group of Hispanic journalists, answered a question that has had weekend news shows buzzing!


When asked how hispanic children can improve their academics, he replied with, “You’ve got to turn off the Spanish television set.” AMEN!

So, two sides to this controversy. One side says it was a racist comment, the other side is cheering. The truth is, Arnold is right. Turn off the damn Spanish Television. This is America! This country was built  from immigrants who  learned English. I’m sure there were a few that didn’t, but as we can see today, we’re not speaking German, Italian, SPANISH or any other language in this country but English.

I’m very very tired of Hispanics (not all of course) but some who think we need to cater to them. I go to the grocery store and all the labels are in English and Spanish. Why not Italian, French and German? Why are we catering to the people’s of Mexico???

I’ve never understood this “Minority rules the Majority”. The majority rules, that is why we are a Democracy. Our Founding Father’s may have been of English Decent, but this country was built by Immigrants who came here Legally, learned the language and embraced America. That is why we are great.

For some Hispanics to be offended by Arnold’s comments, I say BOO ON YOU! Get over yourself. You wanted to come here, we didn’t ask you to come. Don’t you dare come here and tell me I have to cater to your language. You cater to mine, and when you do, consider yourself a Great American. Not to mention all the extra doors that will be opened to you if you do turn off that Spanish TV channel..and start watching English speaking channels.

The day I move to Mexico, which will be never, but if I ever do…I would learn the language. It’s very frustrating living in a country where no one speaks your language. I wouldn’t ask the Mexicans…to cater to me in their own country.

A little Respect please! 


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  1. I agree to a certain extent. Isn’t it time for us lazy Americans to learn another language as well? We’re probably one of the only countries with the majority of it’s people who speak only one language and that’s a shame!!!!

    A man in Japan who works for air traffic control has to lean English so when our planes land they can speak with our pilots, however, when A Japanese pilot comes to the US he also has to speak English…so we force other people from other countries to know our language, but we refuse to learn there’s….

    I don’t think that schools, for example, should cater to spanish speaking students, but I do think that language should be mandatory in school from day one! I also think those spanish speaking students should have mandatory english classes in order to attend american schools.

    To say turn off your spanish speaking television is hypocritical, why doesn’t he tell all these english speaking parents to also turn off there TV’s, get there obese kids outside and off their asses. The difference here is that eventually those kids will learn english and then they will be multi lingual and 90% of american kids there same age will still only speak one, so you tell me, who’s worse off?

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