Where did our Compassion go?

The other night, I sat in front of my TV with millions of others as the Sheriff department announced they found the body of Jessie Davis and her unborn daughter.

My heart broke.

A few days before that, I sat watching the news while they talked of a ring of Pedophiles caught and 31 children rescued from these horrendous animals.

I talked of these cases recently on a forum I frequent and was astonished at how many people have lost their compassion.

They question why this or that story is more important then another story. Why is this girl special? Why are any of these stories special?

They aren’t. There are stories that we never hear of. As I type this, someone is dying a horrible death, some child is being raped by a pedophile, some are dying of starvation, while others are killing each other.

I suppose if we let our hearts bleed for all, no blood would be left to sustain ourselves. But that’s not the way I think. 

Within our world is a balance of extremes; Extreme hot vs. cold, wet vs. dry and so on. People are the same. Extreme right vs. left, good vs. evil, hate vs. love, compassion vs. indifference. I’ve talked of extremes before. They are needed in this world so that we know the difference of such things. Without extremes we couldn’t come together and compromise.

It seems these days, less are willing to compromise. So the extremes are making up the majority and ruling.

I would consider myself an extreme when it comes to Compassion. I take things personally, to heart and I can’t help it. My heart is on my sleeve, exposed to the elements,  the negativity and the helpless feelings.

I was stationed at Dover AFB, Delaware for 6 years. I saw the remains of the U.S.S. Cole victims come in on our ramp, I watched the fallen soldiers of Iraq and Afghanistan come thru and the astronauts from the Columbia Disaster.

I remember standing in the Tower, giving a NASA aircraft permission to land. It had been a few weeks since the Columbia disaster and I wasn’t prepared. They landed, parked on the ramp in front of the tower and began unloading caskets. The rest of the controllers saw this, turned back around and continued their joking and conversation. I was horrified.

I stood there and said a silent prayer and paid my respects as I always did when I saw fallen heroes come through. What I wanted to do after that was turn around and ask what was so important that they couldn’t give two seconds of their time to recognize what was right in front of them. But I didn’t. Instead, when I got home I called my Father and asked him why they didn’t care. He told me I was full of passion and that others just don’t see it as I do. He told me some people are afraid to care and some people just don’t care at all.

How depressing. And yet, sometimes I think they might be lucky. As they move on with their lives, I sit and remember the ones lost. Sometimes I lose sleep, sometimes I cry for them and I always talk to God about them. You could say I question my faith at times,  wondering why such innocence is lost. My only fear is that there is nothing after this life and they suffered something horrible for nothing.

An aquaintance asked me if I was alright the other day, he said I was taking everything to personal. If I don’t then who will? I know I’m not the only one, but we seem to be a dying breed.

Yet, hundreds of people came out to help find Jessie Davis. Many people worked together, seeing things most of us could never fathom, to catch a ring of over 700 pedophiles. Fireman risk their lives everyday putting out fires to save others. Our troops are fighting a war to help stabalize a Country which isn’t even ours. Policeman are roaming our streets trying to catch criminals, killers, drunk drivers. Others are volunteering, helping out those whos needs exceed our own.

What would this world be like if we didn’t have people who put others before themselves? It would be a pretty sad world.

So the next time you hear or read of a story where someone’s child has gone missing, a soldier has lost his life, a drunk Driver killed an innocent; Put yourself in that family’s place. You would want justice if it was close to you, you would want to find your loved one and you would hope that other’s felt just an ounce of what you are feeling, hoping someone would help.

Hope is Compassion and without it, we are cold and unforgiving.



  1. hi cwonder. Sorry my first comment to you is a tag.


  2. On your post, I often wonder how the press decides which murder/missing person it is going to glorify. It often doesn’t make sense to me, why they choose one. It may have to do with the person missing for a couple of days, and the pictures get out, ala Laci Peterson. You get an attractive pregnant woman and the human interest of why anyone would kill/abduct that person, which is always a mystery to me.

    I live next to Juarez, Mexico, where hundreds of young girls were killed before it got even a glimpse of coverage either locally or in the national news. Then after it finally gets some coverage and US FBI involvement the murders finally slow down. Who knows if the right person(s) were finally caught, died, quit because of the spotlight, whatever, but at least they have ceased for the most part.

  3. I was just watching a news story the other day on Arizona and the border patrol. They have been trying to clear away brush from the border because they have found that smugglers are raping and sometimes killing the woman and children they are sneaking across.(hiding them in the brush) They find their clothes strewn about, bodies. It was terribly sad. They have cleared big areas of brush and of course have noticed such crime going down…but they are worried it’s just moved to another area. I wrote of Channon and Christian, another Horrific murder right here in the Good Ole US of A that has yet to get any coverage worth a damn via the National Media. I’m sure there’s not enough time in a day to cover every story, which is scary in and of itself.

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