The Hypocrisy of Feminists.

Where do I begin?

As you can see it’s been a long while since I’ve written my personal commentary down but I can not be silent any longer.

I’ve been back in the United States for a year now. It has been an exciting year for politics. Barrack Obama made History while Hillary stood by watching hers taken out by a stampede.

I believe Republicans lost hope and forgot the reasons they were Republicans. The news Medias love affair with Obama took the wind right out of our sails. We became tired, and I believe strongly, that we almost raised a white flag. Scary that such a thought might have crossed our minds.

Then John McCain huffed….and he puffed and he blew that white flag straight out of our hands. Not only did he knock down straw and sticks and bricks, He knocked down an ideology that hope was lost. That, my friends, was our white flag. Today it is back to the beautiful Red, White and Blue. The familiar face we love and cherish so much. The stars we wish on and the stripes that surround us with comfort. How did such a thing come to be?

Sarah Palin. Let me type that again, Sarah Palin.

Why has such an unknown tugged at our heart strings, brought us to our feet and uprooted every bad thing we ever thought of our fellow Republicans? Truthfully, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because she’s from Alaska or because she is a mother of 5 children. Maybe it’s her track record for reform or her strong stance for Conservatism. Maybe it’s because she’s a Woman.

I was never a fan of Hillary, but secretly, I wanted to defend her. She lost the fight with her own party. John McCain reignited the fight in the name of her.

When I think of Sarah, I think of hope, I think of my son with his own familiar disability, Autism and I think of whence we came and where we can go from here. Sarah Palin has become the light in a dim room. I respect McCain and would have voted for him no matter what. But I’m not sure I would of felt as alive as I do right now.

I’m not a feminist. Not because of what they stand for but because of what they have turned their back on. Where are you ladies? Where are the strong women who fought to get where they are, only to take their claws out and strike Sarah Palin’s back? All of the sudden ridiculous questions are being asked about how she could balance such a thing as motherhood and a job? Well I’m so sorry Mr. and Mrs. Feminists….. it must be nice to have the luxury of sitting at home while a husband bakes the bread and slices it for you too. Is she supposed to starve? Does that make her a good mom? “I’m at home ladies with my five children. I can’t feed them but I love them. Yay me”. Give me a righteous break. 

Then her daughter; You have the audacity to attack her children. Who the hell do you think you are? The Virgin Mary? The men and women attacking this young lady are so hypocritical I spit as I say it. I suppose you all went from toddlerism to adulthood without all the mistakes and rebellions of every other teenager I know? Wow, too bad ‘Ripley’s believe it or not’ isn’t still airing. Is it hard being so perfect?

My Father said, in short, “We have all done it, we just got lucky.”

Tonight Sarah will speak. I don’t know what she will say but I do know who will be watching. Everyone. To my fellow Republicans, it’s never been bad. It’s been rough but it’s America and what brings us down, can only make us stronger as we rise again. To my fellow Democrats, vote on what you believe in, not what color or ass you bear. To my fellow independents and all of you in-between;  Listen, listen to your own feelings. Listen to your instinct. Put yourself in the candidates’ shoes. If it doesn’t fit, try another pair on because no one wants to walk around for the next 4 years with cramped feet.



  1. You completely miss the point. The republican party has been telling people what is moral and not moral for years. The have conveniently blended christianity and poltics. They have snubbed their noses at working moms and unwed mothers for years. Now, suddenly, the are embracing unwed mothers?? Teens who have sex out of wedlock?? A mother who has five kids, one with a disability, who returns to work three days after giving birth?? Excuse me, but this reeks of a double standard.

  2. What are you… lost in the 19th Century? It seems to me you haven’t paid much attention to anything but yourself. So in that respect, Speak for yourself. As a Republican woman, Veteran and Mother(Working).. I think I can speak for a few Republican women in saying, you seem to be the hypocrite.

  3. So, in other words you can’t have a reasonable argument without name calling. Got it.

  4. Hardy Har Har. THere’s no name calling, it’s about principal. You contradict yourself. You are basing your own feelings on what other people used to think? This country has come a long way… are people not allowed to move forward with it? And because they have moved forward , you call it a double standard? I beg your pardon but hypocrite seemed to be the right term to use.

  5. I didn’t say anything about how I was feeling. I never said, “republicans make me feel…” And let’s face it, if this were Chelsea Clinton and she was having a child out of wedlock, even though she’s a grown woman, the conversation coming from repubs would be completely different. Please explain to me how what I said was hypocritical.

  6. I’ll tell you what they would say if Chelsea was pregnant, they would say “you go girl! Thank you for not choosing to abort.” That’s what they would say. It’s not about how old she is or that she’s unwed. It’s that in this day and age with all of the choices one could make and what their future might be, she chose responsibility and life. She chose the baby above herself and if you have children you know what I mean. If you don’t, believe me, the sacrifice is almost everything, especially in the beginning. Truthfully, I feel both sides can benefit from this. The conservative side can reinforce their Pro-Life stance while the Liberal side can open the eyes of the ignorant. We obviously have a problem in America with our teenagers getting pregnant. The Left can say, “See, it doesn’t matter how wonderful your family is or what values you try to instill in them, Teenagers will be teenagers and we need to prepare them.” At the same time the Right has the family value side of this young lady having a baby and the father taking responsibility and marrying her.

  7. And isn’t it wonderful that she has the Choice. No one (in government) is telling her how to live her life, what is right and wrong. She is getting to choose for herself what is best, what is right for her. We should all have that choice.

  8. We do have that choice. Who says we don’t? Just because one side says this and the other says that doesn’t mean anything. The law and the people make it happen. THe threats from the left that Roe vs. Wade will be turned over are hogwash. How many presidential campaigns have you been thru? It’s always the same thing being said. “He (Republican) will overturn Roe vs. Wade if you elect him”. It’s bull, he can’t. There should be regulations and education. Young girls should not be utilizing abortion as a contraceptive and people on both sides need to understand that these young people need to be educated. It will always be a fight… but that’s a fight between the far right and the far left. Don’t lump us as I won’t lump you. The U.S. is fulll of the inbetweens. It’s the inbetweens who need to look at our Presidential Candidates and decide who’s the closest to our beliefs because we all have different ones and nobody seems to want to change from one side to the other. I will not be voting for McCain because of his stance on abortion, I’ll be voting for him because I like his stance on the military and foriegn policy and don’t feel like making friends with those who have no desire to do the same. It’s personal for me and that’s my choice. The rest always seems to work itself out because of the American people, not the Government.

  9. It’s good to see you back online ! I agree with you 100%. Sarah Palin has certainly breathed new life into the Republican Party.

  10. Heehee – Sarah Palin. You Americans are hilarious.
    Seriously, that Palin thing was a big practical joke right? The lady couldn’t string two ideas together!
    Perhaps you Republicans can fathom this – it takes (gasp) someone who is SMART to be a president of the largest economy in the world.

    I would love to sit down with Sarah and talk about the impact of Credit Default Swaps on American banks, or discuss mortgage-backed securities. Perhaps she can respond with a blueberry pie recipe or something.

    Thank goodness you idiots arent the majority any more – the world has hope!

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