Screaming Banshee : Paris Back to jail

Judge orders Paris Back to Jail. FOR 45 DAYS!!!!


Paris left Screaming and crying, “It’s not Right! Mommmm!”


WOW People…too funny.



Greta Van Susteren was in the courtroom and thinks Paris needs medical attention. Paris was shaking, twitching, quivering…and apparently looks very sickly. She also said in her “un-medical” opinion, she needs to see a doctor.

Interesting. Maybe the lesson has already been taught?

Back to Jail :

The Paris Parade…on the way to the Jail House…pass by the Circus.



Paris Pulls the Sick Card reported it first and everyone else has been following suit.


Now it’s confirmed, Paris is out of Jail and on House Arrest.

Oh Brother. But are we surprised?

Of Course not, I knew she couldn’t do it, you knew she couldn’t do it.

What’s sad is that it’s Breaking News and I, myself, am helping that runaway train.

 Lame Lame Lame.

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Why CWonder, that’s not very nice!!!

Yes I know..but I don’t care 🙂


So after Thursday’s Kitty fight between Elizabeth and Rosie, Rosie calls it quits.

Hmmm, how interesting? Don’t you think?

Rosie the dragon spewing, psycho babbling, conspiracy theory’ing, leftist freakazoid couldn’t hang when the going got tough.

You want me to tell you how I really feel? (grin)

I used to like Rosie, in fact, I loved her. I watched all her movies, her show. I thought she was hysterical but this extreme lefty disease got a hold of her, choked her and she submitted to the extreme.

Watching the debates between Rosie and Elizabeth was like watching regular America. That was the only plus side. There are just as many people out there who clap for Rosie as they do for Elizabeth. People actually believe what comes out of her pie hole.

The debates turned argument, turned emotional, turned personal. And let’s be real here, Rosie did most of the attacking.

When it wasn’t an answer she liked, she took that sharp little knife out and poked it a little deeper.

Elizabeth jabbed back…finally got a good one in and…POOF!!! Rosie’s gone.

Considering her attitude on the show and the “My way is the only way” line of thinking; not to mention the total disregard for the Country she lives in; she copped out.

 It seems every time Rosie comes out in public she causes controversy. We forget about her and back again she comes.

Her comments literally make me sick. Shame on you Rosie. 

Someone get a pail of water so we can be done with this nonsense.

Paris Falls! The Terminator to blame!

Heh Heh. Don’t mind my chuckles… Wait..mind them, this is my blog!


Paris…maybe the punishment is unfair…MAYBE, but Darlin’..You need a freakin’ wake-up call and I can’t see anything better then a little time in the slammer!

(Though personally..I think boot camp would do her much better).

After her little petition, comparing herself or…aligning herself with the likes of Nixon and such…Arnie says he’s too busy for the Hilton Heiress.

Oh so sad. boo hoo. Kleenex anyone?

I didn’t think so.