Living in a Sensory World, Without all your Senses.

What is Autism? Many know, many think they know but most have no idea. I’m no expert and most of what I know is basic except for what my son deals with. He is considered High Functioning Autistic and has been labeled as such since he was 3 years old. Elias is 5 now, about to turn 6 in April and I’m questioning his diagnosis as I did the first time I heard them say the word. 

My son was born in April of 2004. But he didn’t come easy. I had high blood pressure and my doctor recommended I be induced a week early. I wasn’t happy about this because it didn’t prepare me the way I wanted to be prepared. I was terrified of giving birth and thought when those contractions came…I would have no choice but to be ready. Nevertheless, the High Blood Pressure scared me into agreeing. This was my first mistake. 

I was a big momma. I hadn’t gained the normal 25-35 lbs. I gained 75 lbs. They thought my son was huge and before they began the inducement, the ultra sound tech figured my son to be at least 10 lbs. That morning, my contractions began and I told my doctor I didn’t think I needed the Pitocin they were about to give me. He didn’t seem to care so I went along with it. This was my second mistake. The Pitocin started around 10am and I began Hard Labor pushing at around 8pm. I pushed and I pushed. In fact, I pushed harder then the strength of my contractions. The pain was unbearable and the Nurse was a joke. My doctor was no where to be found. By 10pm, I was worn out but pushing I was and little Elias wasn’t budging. Then 1130pm came around. By now I wanted to kill myself. I believe I was screaming, “Please just kill me”. The pain, the pain, the pain! My doctor showed her cute little face and I believe I fantasized of punching her lights out. She said that if by Midnight he wasn’t down, I was going to have a C-section. I was watching that clock like an eagle! I couldn’t lay still, I remember tossing from side to side and I even dislocated my husband’s thumb thru the process. FINALLY, sometime after midnight, the doctor came in to tell me I was being prepped for the surgery. My anesthesiologist came in and had a look of shock when he saw me screaming and crying. I remember him saying something like, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll make the pain go away”. I don’t remember much after that. My son was born and I remember my husband saying how beautiful he was. Then I began screaming in pain because I could feel them sewing me up and it was like a movie. The anesthesiologist came above me with a mask and light’s out baby! Elias was born at 1:22AM on the 22nd of April. He wasn’t 10 lbs! He was 8 lbs 7 oz and only 19 1/2 inches long. But strong he was. In recovery I held him and he lifted his head on his own to reach for milk. The nurse was amazed, I was too drugged to realize. 

2 Weeks old

So, what the hell does this have to do with my son’s condition? I think it has a lot to do with it. My son was wide-eyed from the moment he was born. Always looking at everything but me. He couldn’t sleep alone, it seems he needed that touch. The moment we put him down, no matter how soft and gentle we were, he would begin to scream. After 3 months of sleeping between us, we began to move him to the crib. It took months. We would have to rub his back and try to sneak out when we were sure he was asleep. Sometimes it worked, most the time we were running back in to start the process all over again. This lasted until he was almost 4. At his two-year wellness appointment, his Pediatrician was concerned. He wasn’t saying more then 5-10 words. He wasn’t even saying “Mommy”. We had therapists come to the house and work with him. They concentrated on sensory and gross motor skills. After a year, they didn’t know what was wrong and suggested we get him evaluated. We did, and that doctor thought he had Autism. I was in severe denial and 6 months later had him reevaluated by a Child Psychologist. She agreed and the label stuck. 

I moved back to the states 1 year earlier then my husband because there were no services for Special Needs in Germany after 3 years old. When I got to Colorado, I enrolled him in Speech and Occupational Therapy. It did wonders for him.  When his dad got back, his speech improved 10-fold. It was amazing. But there was also fights brewing with the pre-schools. They weren’t listening to me and in short, didn’t believe me. Usually 2-3 months later, I’d get a phone call that they didn’t know how to handle him. It was a nightmare. 

Then we moved to Albuquerque. Things were ok here until he started Kindergarten. I was fighting with the Peds Clinic to get him back into therapy and finally..after 6 months got him in. Liz is his therapist and she is a wonder. She runs Indigo Therapy  (site is under construction) and I love her! Liz believes that Elias may have Sensory Processing Disorder  and not Autism. The more I read about it, the more I’m convinced this is true. 

Elias is very social, very loving and has a thing for the ladies 🙂 He tends to take the younger children under his wing and loves adults. 

The problem is, Sensory Processing Disorder is not a recognized diagnosis…yet. Autism is. There are many facets under the umbrella of SPD. My son would be considered a “Seeker”. His Nervous System doesn’t process things as easily and therefore, he tends to be more rough, does not understand personal space and fidgets constantly. Because of this, it effects other things. He doesn’t know how to calm down, his focus is two words deep, he chews on his shirt sleeve or collar, he has to smell everything and he doesn’t understand the pain he feels is what others feel. On the plus side, he eats almost anything. It’s shocking really. He loves olives, every kind! Pretty much every vegetable, lamb, spicy foods, sauerkraut! Sometimes I watch in awe when he eats. 

Autism is a spectrum. It goes from sever cases to the opposite side. There was talk of sensory issues being included in the criteria of Autism but I don’t believe that has happened yet. Most people, including our lovely educators out there have no clue what Autism entails and most, when seeing my son, deny that he is Autistic. But if you look at High Functioning, many of Elias’ issues fall under that label. 

Before Elias, I thought most of these issues that children deal with were bullshit. ADD, ADHD, Autism…all of them. Well I’m here to tell you, they are not. ADD, ADHD and SPD are very similar and make complete sense when you think about it. How many of you can’t sit still during a meeting? Have to tap your toes or click the pen constantly or tap that pencil? How many shift in their seat? I challenge you, at your next meeting to watch other people and see what mannerisms they have. You may be surprised. But what does that mean? It means that their Nervous system is getting too much or not enough of something. These little ticks we have subconsciously help us deal with it. A child who has ADD, ADHD or SPD has the same problem but it’s more severe. You may think we have 5 senses, but we have 7. Smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight, vestibular and proprioception. Children are either Hypersensitive(Avoider) to any of these or Hyposensitive(Seeker). 

Micheal Odent  believes that C-sections, especially emergency c-sections may be having a long-term effect on our kids, more then we realize. Its a fascinating read and also talks of allergies and Anorexia (A disease he believes to be the female version of Autism). Though I can’t write a book on here, after all the research I have done, I have to agree that what he has compiled makes sense. 

I plan to continue this discussion on here and hopefully enlighten the unenlightened. I’m here to tell parents of Special Needs children that it is ok to panic but there is help out there, progress can be made but don’t fight it. There is no use for that and it only ends up being counterproductive. 

There are many theories, some I don’t believe. I don’t think that vaccines are the issue and feel that some parents are forcing it so they have a point to finger at. I think this is more complicated but still, we may have someone to blame. Doctors mostly. I feel that C-sections and inducing has become a way of life. Yes, there are times it is needed, but these days, it’s like the “easy” way out. 

I feel like this post is a little discombobulated but the information out there is strenuous! Which is why I will touch on this subject again and be a little more concentrated on certain aspects. It’s easy not to believe when it isn’t your child. But Elias is mine and everyday I pray he gets better, that he doesn’t hurt someone at school and that he learns what he needs to make it outside mommies protection. 

March 2009


I need a Doctor not Medicare.

There are many things in the final Health Care bill I could rant and rave about. I’m no fan and feel this 2300 and some page bill should be burned in a fire. So, I shall choose a couple of items within this amended turd to hover over.

Medicare. This bill will expand your lack of Healthcare to more lack of healthcare. Good luck finding a doctor that accepts medicare. If you do find one, a good percentage of you will be traveling  long distance to get your 30 minute appointment. This also puts more burden on the states and guess where the shit rolls? Down to you, dear community neighbors. This may not be Universal Healthcare but we’ll all be paying for it no matter what. The states are going bankrupt. Some of you are owed money by the state and won’t see it. I can guarantee if you owed money to them, you’d be getting that nastygram in the mail a day late of your due time. I imagine it won’t just be in your paycheck you’ll see the hike. Sinful food would cost more, gas, sales tax. If that pocket looks thin now, wait until it’s empty.

Employer Responsibility. So you got some employees and by law, you are not required to offer them insurance. But if you don’t and they subsidize from the Big Teet of the Government, you get fee’d to death. It’s not a wittle teeny fee, uh-uh, it’s a $2000 fee. Oh but wait! Not just a one time fee but $2000 for each employee!

Via NY Post/Associated Press:

EMPLOYER RESPONSIBILITY: As in the Senate bill, businesses are not required to offer coverage. Instead, employers are hit with a fee if the government subsidizes their workers’ coverage. The $2,000-per-employee fee would be assessed on the company’s entire work force, minus an allowance. Companies with 50 or fewer workers are exempt from the requirement. Part-time workers are included in the calculations, counting two part-timers as one full-time worker.

This is my favorite:

GOP HEALTH CARE SUMMIT IDEAS: Following a bipartisan health care summit last month, Obama announced he was open to incorporating several Republican ideas into his legislation. But two of the principle ones – hiring investigators to pose as patients and search for fraud at hospitals and increasing spending for medical malpractice reform initiatives – did not make it into the legislation released Thursday. The legislation incorporates only one, an increase in payments to primary care physicians under Medicaid, an idea mentioned by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

All the hoopla, the manure, the downright lies of what this Bipartisan Summit was supposed to be about. To open communication, to actually listen to each other and 1, ONE idea got into the bill?

Unfreakingbelievable. To say the least, I’m disgusted. To say the most would cause me to put an “R” rating on this post. This bill is so full of crap that if it explodes, we’re gonna have brown gooey shit on faces from Alaska to Florida. You could cure global warming with the shit this bill is filled with. We’d block out the sun and could all panic about global cooling.

I won’t even go into the 16,000 IRS agents that will be needed to check on you every month and make sure you have insurance; Or the Privacy Act that is getting thrown out the window.

Am I proud to be an American? When this Bill gets crushed, torn, ripped to shreds and buried in some nuclear waste site…then I will be proud. Reinstating my Patriotism November 2010.

You can see a breakdown here.

EDIT: I still love this Country…I just despise those who are running it. CW.

Suppressing Nature

Today I read, via, that the FDA is set to approve a new Birth Control Pill designed to end those pesky Periods.

Did you just feel the earth shake? That’s because a few million women just jumped for joy.

The New Birth Control Pill is called Lybrel. Which apparently, according to the article is “Meant to evoke Liberty”.

Most pills are designed to mimic our cycle. 21 days of little yellow pills, 7 days of sugary blue pills. Now we can say goodbye to sugar.

I recently, about 4 months ago, decided to try Birth Control again.

I have tried it on and off for the last 11 years. My past experiences have been nothing but trouble. I experience heightened PMS symptoms, mostly emotional. And I mean to the point of losing my mind. I literally feel nuts. When it occurs to me that it might have something to do with the pills, I stop taking them and a day later, I’m normal.

I’ve tried them all…well almost! Ortho Cyclen, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Lo/Ovral and now Nor-qd.

The Nor-qd was prescribed to me after a Doctor finally sat down and asked me why I didn’t want anything with Estrogen. I was planning on getting an IUD. He talked me out of it and told me to try the pills first. This pill has no Estrogen, just Progestin.

Though reluctant, I found after taking them for a week, I had no freaky PMS breakdowns and actually felt pretty good. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a normal cycle since. Breakthrough bleeding, I’ve had normal periods but continuous spotting that has lasted up to 17 days..this has happened to me twice. I’m now on my 5th pack and plan on calling the Doctor soon to switch to something else. Because this is just ridiculous.

So, what about the new pill? Well..they say the same thing might happen. In the study, 59& of women had no bleeding after 6 months. 18% dropped out do to spotting and breakthrough bleeding.

So the question is…is it worth it? Is it Natural to suppress your period?

I don’t’ think so. In fact, I think it takes away part of who we are. I remember the day I got my first period. I was 16 years old. Much older then most but I’m assuming that is because I was a ballet dancer for a number of years. Nevertheless, when it came, I felt like I had arrived, finally, to that woman’s club I’d been trying to join for a couple of years. No longer was I child but a Woman…or at-least in the makings of.

So excited to get it, I found that feeling disappeared pretty fast. Cramping, long periods, my cycle was off. 28 day cycle? Not me, like every two weeks, sometimes it straightened itself out, sometimes not.

This was the whole reason I wanted Birth Control, straighten out my cycle and reduce bleeding from 8 or 9 days to hopefully, 5-7 days.

I can handle 5 days, I can handle 7 days. No days? Well it might be nice and…according to the article :

Most doctors say there’s no medical reason women need monthly bleeding and that it triggers health problems from anemia to epilepsy in many women. They note women have been tinkering with nature since the advent of birth control pills and now endure as many as 450 periods, compared with 50 or so in the days when women spent most of their fertile years pregnant or breast-feeding.

I don’t know, when you get married and are trying to have a Baby..what are you waiting for? The lack of period! When that period doesn’t show up we’re either saying “oh Shit” or “Oh please”. But hey, at-least we have some kind of signal! Without it, we might be like a ship without a Light House. Continuing on the path having no idea there’s land up ahead.

Not to mention that 1% of women taking the pill get pregnant anyway. And that’s with taking the pill correctly. Everyday, same time.

So doctor’s are trying to reverse Eve’s Curse. If you are a God-fearing Woman or just one who simply believes, we realize we’re paying for Eve’s screw up. We’re reminded once a month of the forbidden apple; of temptation. Feminists are reminded that a woman stood up for what she wanted and the rest are pissed that she didn’t listen.

The conclusion, talk to your Doctor and find what’s best for you. That’s the beauty of having a Choice. But be weary, our period, though a pain in the bum, is a badge of Womanhood that should be celebrated. Remember ladies, the world woudn’t be here without you.


Yes boys, the world wouldn’t be here without you either, but that’s not really the point of this post is it! 🙂

The Human: Disease

Well, Global Warming is in the news…..AGAIN, but this time it’s the trees causing the problems. Damn those trees! Let’s go cut them all down so we can reduce CO2 levels and Oxygen! Yayyyyy…no breathing, sounds great 🙂

Alright, I’m being sarcastic and over-the-top..but now you know how I feel when you tell me my breathing is killing the Earth and driving us toward a Warming Armageddon.

This is my problem with the “Environmental” Army. They act as if we landed here from another planet and are sucking it dry. The “Army” wants to eradicate humans so that Earth can prosper. Well what the hell is the point of that? We are here because we evolved like everything else. I think it’s funny that some have this view that the Earth can’t evolve?? Where were you in Earth Science class?

Humans aren’t a Disease! I once read an article in Discover magazine that had pictures of what the Earth would look like without Humans. Again, I ask, what the hell is the point of this? Ugh….

Global Warming is going to cause the ice caps to melt, the Ocean’s to rise and we’re all going to die a horrible drowning death. Oh wait..not quite. There’s going to be some coastal flooding, lands may change, lots of people with sun tans walking around with plenty of food to eat. I think we can manage.

There I go being a smart ass again. or am I? 🙂

The recent study is on Trees. Now I have found three different articles/studies saying the opposite’s of each other. Trees cause Global Warming; Cutting down the trees causes Global Warming; Trees could help Cool the Earth.

I’m confused? So…I went gallivanting thru the Internet only to find a million links with , pretty much, the same information. I had so many windows open I thought the computer was going to crash. It took 30 seconds for a web-page to load…the horror!

#1. Trees Cause Global Warming

     Well let me clarify, Trees in snowy areas cause warming because their canopies absorb more sunlight which would normally be reflected by the snow.        

     This is obviously different from the normal enviro-speak. Plant more trees, reduce Global Warming. Uh Oh, maybe not. No one is saying cut down the trees because they have a very important role in our environment. Nevertheless, this just shows you how much we don’t understand. Jumping to one specific area of science and only concentrating on that is just plain stupid.

#2. Trees Help Cool the Earth

     The consensus has always been plant a tree, preserve the forests and help reduce global warming because trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it to oxygen.

     Not to mention, the trees absorb water from the ground, which aids in producing clouds, which shields us earthlings from the Sun.

    ok, I buy this.

#3. Cutting Down Trees causes Global Warming

     Obviously this is the exact opposite of above. Cutting down the trees, nothing to absorb that heinous CO2 but the good ole atmosphere, hence Global Warming.

All three of these make perfect sense if you think CO2 causes Global Warming.

I don’t believe that…exactly. I think we have a lot to learn…as if I need to give you examples (hint hint..look up look up).

Now before I go on with my diatribe, I came across an article and a published study on the benefits of CO2 in regards to Plant life.

First is an article from dated Aug 16th.

The short of it is, Duke University wants to see the effects of increased CO2 on Loblolly Pine and small hardwood trees.

Apparently, the trees are loving it.

The preliminary answer seems to be that at least some of the trees in the forests will love it, growing more rapidly, reproducing more robustly, thriving at a time when some parts of the globe will slip perilously into a rising sea.

“It’s really dramatic,” says Shannon LaDeau, a doctoral candidate at Duke who is running part of the long-term experiment.

The pines are growing about 25 percent faster than pines just outside the experiment, and they are twice as likely to be reproductively active. “They are making three times as many cones” which carry and incubate their seeds, she adds.

The article is Four Pages long and well worth the read. It also has some pessimism in their for all you “Global Warming” fanatics (wink)…but what would an article be without the negative aspect?

 This is for you :

What’s good for the loblollies is devastating to other living organisms, including coral reefs. Researchers at Columbia University’s Biosphere 2 in the Arizona desert have found that the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide that we might expect in a few decades will dissolve the reefs like an ice cube in boiling water.

The second Study I found is a little more “Scientific” in language from

The study is about range expansion in the South Western Unites States. There’s a lot of different experiments referenced here.

Here’s a piece:

When the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration is experimentally increased, the vast majority of earth’s plants lose less water to the atmosphere via transpiration, but they produce more biomass, the latter of which phenomena is generally more strongly expressed in woody perennial species than it is in annual herbaceous plants. As a result of increases in the air’s CO2 content, therefore, earth’s bushes, shrubs and trees would be expected to grow better and expand their ranges more than non-woody species would be expected to do. Simultaneously, increases in atmospheric CO2 often make plants of all types actually preferwarmer temperatures (Idso and Idso, 1994), causing both woody and non-woody plants to grow more vigorously and expand their ranges during periods of global warming. In this summary, we review some of the evidence for, and the consequences of, these phenomena, focusing on what has been learned in North America, concentrating on the southwestern sector of the United States.

My problem with Global Warming is this, We don’t know enough to make drastic changes which could, in fact, cause a negative effect instead of the intentioned Positive.

I can’t help but think of the Wolves in Yellowstone that HUMANS took out of the park which almost collapsed the eco-system.

The Introduction of wolves back in to the park after 70 years is rebalancing the eco-system.

EcoSystem Rebalancing

KidsNews, National Geographic :  An informative article directed at kids but educational for all 🙂

Yellowstone Wolf Page

So, what we think is the right thing to do is not always the right thing to do. Just as 35 years ago scientists thought we were on the brink of another Ice Age and were spouting the gloom and doom that the Global Warmists are spouting today.

Make up your mind! Are we doomed when we’re cold or warm? I think the answer is they really don’t know.

So for now, I stand behind Conservation but am not losing sleep over Global Warming.

I’m looking forward to the warmth.

And one last thing…an article by Steven Milloy of 

“Can’t See the Warming for the Trees”

Keep your mind open before jumping on this sinking ship .

Update from Flopping Aces : “Global Warming Skeptics Growing” (very interesting)

I’m a Chimera, You’re a Chimera.


Just last night I was reading the archives of and came across one of Joe’s BehindtheMedspeak Posts from August 28th, 2004.

In Short :

Fetal cells that resemble stem cells have been found in the organs of women after they have given birth, raising the possibility that the cells could be removed and used to treat diseases.

The woman who discovered this is Dr. Diana Bianchi, chief of the division of medical genetics at Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston.

I found this quite interesting, so you can imagine how funny I thought it, when I came across an article this morning at titled :

You Are A Chimera (Thanks to Mom)

So what’s a Chimera? According to it’s :

In zoology, a chimera is an animal that has two or more different populations of genetically distinct cells that originated in different zygotes; if the different cells emerged from the same zygote, it is called a mosaicism.

Chimeras are formed from four parent cells (two fertilized eggs or early embryos fuse together) or from three parent cells (a fertilized egg is fused with an unfertilized egg or a fertilized egg is fused with an extra sperm). Each population of cells keeps its own character and the resulting animal is a mixture of mis-matched parts.

According to the Discover Article “Scientists recently found that a small number of maternal cells can persist in a woman’s offspring for decades or longer.”

So what does that mean?

Although researchers have suspected that maternal cells might play a role in provoking immunologic problems, this study found that in individuals with type 1 diabetes, at least, those cells might actually be lending a helping hand.

It also means our mother’s are always with us.

Think back to all the things you’ve done out of your mom’s line of sight…you thought she didn’t know?

Well I’m here to tell you, she was there and saw the whole thing!