Chasing the birds away…

So, maybe I’m turning cuckoo?

The past two weeks have been spent redoing a chaotic yard, which may have inadvertently reflected my life, into a beautiful canvas of dirt.

I wouldn’t say my life is dirt but maybe dirt with life ready to sprout! Thankfully this isn’t Hitchcock’s “The Birds” otherwise, I’d have no eyes. My yard on the other hand is experiencing a terrifying venture into a realm only seen in the movies. It’s being pecked to death!

I feel like a peeper, except the only satisfaction I’m getting is watching a yard with no pigeons. Who knew pigeons liked to hang out in the desert? I had no idea but they are everywhere! Apparently, the pigeon express exists because a memo pecked in bird-speak has been sent out across the land informing all, that grass seed has been strewn about! So now I’m the crazy lady because the moment I see them…I come flying out the door like a wild banshee, flailing arms and all….shooing the beasts away.

I think they are on to me. I envision a “watch” bird on the roof, just waiting for me to leave. The call goes out and the whole friggin’ family arrives. I see Moms, Dads, sisters, bros, the cousin no one talks about….the kid who has no manners and that damn Uncle who smells. It’s a smorgasbord of birdy treats.

So yesterday I’m thinking hard about this situation and come to the realization that these birds have a brain the size of a pea and mine is humongous! I can out smart these pigeon-toers! So I get my bird seed out, which looks much more delectable than bland grass seed. Theres corn, sunflower seeds, other seed that I have no idea what they are, but if I were a bird, would find quite attractive!  I send the man of the house out to the back yard and direct him on where to throw the seed, everywhere but where the grass seed is. I was like a great composer and the seed was my instrument. I directed it here…and there, around the fence, on the pathway. I made it easy to enjoy a meal without having to get a beak dirty. I’m a f’n genius! I said this to myself of course…but I am.

Today, dinner time, I have a birds-eye view of my backyard. The neighbors across the way are dealing with the same issue of impending doom, lots of dirt…no seed. But they were smart and spread chicken shit, literally, with their seed. They thought they were geniuses too. Turns out..birds don’t mind the smell of other bird shit. I’m watching the birds eat their buffet over there, I’ll admit, chuckling to myself about my brilliant idea when BAM! A mother effin’ bird comes swooping in my yard. Does she go to the beautiful array of birdy food I laid out like a bouquet of Valentine flowers? No, that little pitch starts pecking away at my dirt. I leap from the seat, almost trip over my son’s chair only to fall against the door instead of open it. Loud bangs don’t faze her and as I get my bearings, she looks at me as if to say, “Nice job genius, thanks for the dirty seed…ha ha ha”. There may have been steam, my eyes may have turned red, I believe the hair was standing on my neck like a cat ready to pounce on her prey and in slow motion…I’m pushing the door open, my arms are swinging to pump me for my sprint and as I reach the end of my patio she takes off….right above me and off she goes, a trail of shit landing in her wake.

The fight continues…..

Tomorrow I’ll be propped in the door way with my hose, ready to blister this competition away.

God save the Grass!


Al-Qaida, U.S., Flagpole, After School.

An American Al-Qaida member is the star of a new video tape threatening the United States with attacks far worse then 9/11.


Wearing a white robe and a turban, Adam Yehiye Gadahn, who also goes by the name Azzam al-Amriki, said al-Qaida would not negotiate on its demands.

“Your failure to heed our demands … means that you and your people will … experience things which will make you forget all about the horrors of September 11th, Afghanistan and Iraq and Virginia Tech,” he said in the seven-minute video.

Ben Venzke from IntelCenter says:

‘the group likely did not believe any of its demands would be met.’

Obviously this is the point. Al-Qaida knows we don’t and won’t negotiate with terrorists. Therefore, this is just an excuse to justify attacks on the U.S. A way to say, ‘hey, we told you, now you will pay.’

So should we be worried? I’ll tell you what, this is all eerily familiar.

The fact that I live in Germany right now and we are under a “Heightened Alert” and the tapes. Well…if anything, keep your eyes open.

As you may or may not recall, around July 23rd of 2001 warnings came out about an attack overseas. I remember the night I read the article (which, by the way, I have searched the Internet far and wide for such an article..nothing seems to go back far enough). I was working at our Command Post, a graveyard shift and was reading the news on I read the article, found it so interesting I forwarded it to my Parents, Sister and friends. And we know what happened after that.

Remember, it only takes one guy to cause harm. One. One Psycho, One Terrorist.

It doesn’t matter how smart or stupid these cells are, it doesn’t take brains to pull a trigger or push a detonator. 

Whenever someone threatens you, you should take it seriously. No matter what. If your family or children were threatened, you would take it seriously. So take this seriously. It’s the same exact thing on a much bigger scale. Don’t be afraid, just be vigilant, observant.

Also recognize that these terrorists know exactly how to get to us..mentally. Before Iraq, they were telling us we needed to convert, drop our support for Israel. Using Iraq as leverage and knowing how torn our Country is, they tell us we must leave the Middle East or face devastation.

All our lefties out there will use this as an excuse for why we shouldn’t be involved in Iraq. And that’s called waiving a white flag.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what we do, they will hate us. If we pulled out of Iraq, then we would have to stop supporting Israel or face attacks. If we stopped supporting Israel then we would all have to convert to Islam. If we did that we’d have to give up or Western ways.

 Their demands are ENDLESS.

 If it looks suspicious, feels suspicious, it probably is suspicious. Let’s take care of each other out there. This is our Country, Defend it anyway you can, even if it’s just with your eyes and voice.

UPDATE: Germany Heightened Terror Threat

Apparently ABC jumped the gun a little bit in using the word “Imminent”.

 We had been warned a couple of weeks ago to be “vigilant” and “keep our eyes open” to possible threats, so I figured this was just piggybacking off of that and they had more information. Uhh…guess not 🙂

Authorities had no indication of an imminent attack within Germany or the U.S., said FBI special agent Richard Kolko. “We remind the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate law enforcement authorities,” he said.

Read more here.

Intelligence Vs. Global Warming. Oxymoron anyone? I’ll take two.

Groannnnnnn. Everytime I read anything on Global Warming and how we’re all going to DIE next week if we don’t wipe our ass with one piece of toilet paper..I groaaaaannnnnn.

First..My stance on Global Warming. I think it’s a crock. A Big CROCK. Filled to the hilt with you know what. I’m not going to apologize for this position, and I can’t give you all the facts on why I believe it’s a crock. But Basically, my feelings come down to this. WE ARE CO2. We need it, every living thing needs it. And why isn’t our Sun playing a part in the Earth Warming or Cooling? (DUH)

Anyone who has gone to school has learned of our history. We know it’s been colder and warmer then today. Anyway..this isn’t about how I feel…it’s about our Intelligence Agencies and their involvement on this Global Warming Farce.

This is a Democrat push. Why?? I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine. I think it’s a great idea to waste the CIA’s time on studying the “Threat of Global Warming to the United States”. (Rolling Eyes) HUH??????

 Aye Yay Yay!

“House Democrats want to return to the days when the CIA wasted valuable resources on ‘bugs and bunnies.’ My objection is not about the validity of global climate change. I am concerned about whether it is an intelligence issue,” wrote Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-CA) in a Thursday Wall Street Journal op-ed. “While Democrats call for U.S. intelligence agencies to study global climate change, they continue to grossly underestimate the terrorist threat.”

Hoekstra, who chaired the committee in the Republican Congress, was referring to an order in the Intelligence Authorization bill, passed Thursday, which called on the CIA to complete a ‘national intelligence estimate’ or NIE on the threat posed by global climate change. NIEs represent the highest level assessment of a particular security concern completed by America’s intelligence community.

Obviously I disagree with this statement : “My objection is not about the validity of global climate change.” Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-CA)

He just had to throw that in there. I truly wonder if they really believe in this crap or do they say it because of the political fallout? You seem to get ostricized if you voice your opinion against Global Warming.

I’m getting off topic. NO, I don’t think the CIA should be wasting their time on this nonsense!

Read more here

I plan on visiting this topic again.

NY Times Dix Us

Surprising that the NY Times goes too far? I think not!

Instead of praising our Intelligence/FBI for grabbing these Bastards before they shot and killed a whole bunch-o-soldiers, They want to blame them.

Oh don’t let the Newspeak fool you!. (The proof is in the Bold!) 

At this point…they are raising questions. Seems like a set-up to me.

It was August 2006 when one of the young Muslim men accused of plotting to kill soldiers at Fort Dix first broached the idea, according to the authorities. Talking to an informer who was secretly taping the exchange, the young man said that he thought he could round up six or seven other men willing to take part, and that a rocket-propelled grenade might be the most effective weapon, the authorities said.

And he had one more notion: He wanted the informer to lead the attack, according to a federal complaint. “I am at your services,” the young man is quoted as telling the informer, who had presented himself as an Egyptian with a military background.

That moment, recorded on tape and submitted in federal court this week in Camden, N.J., as the authorities charged six Muslim men in the plot, captures something of the complexity of using informers in terror investigations. The informer, sent to penetrate a loose group of men who liked to talk about jihad and fire guns in the woods, had come to be seen by the suspects as the person who might actually show them how an act of terror could be carried off.

You can read the rest of the article here, where it questions the motives of Informers.

This isn’t anything new. Gitmo has been causing this same kind of press.

I’m all for Humanity and being Humane in our actions. But…when it comes to me or Him (terrorist), I choose Me.

I’m sorry, but a Line has to be drawn somewhere. We may have been created Equal, but many don’t live up to it. When it comes to terrorists, three of which were Illegally here, Free will says you chose to pick a terrorist fight with an American Base. YOU LOSE.


NY Times obviously is stirring the pot and letting the shit fly freely.

Good Journalism?  I don’t think so. I think they are backing the terrorists. It sure looks like it. They want to play defense Lawyer..go ahead. I would hope that the American People would see thru this politiking. But I doubt it. To me, this is what feeds the extremists. Something else to Protest.