Going Down in Flames…stopped his insanity.

First, before I start my own rant, I want to make it VERY VERY clear, that I do not condone what Mr. Joseph Stack did in Austin today. Having said that….here we go.

Before reading anything else via foxnews.com, I read what is now being dubbed as his “Manifesto“. I couldn’t help but think to myself, that if I was not reading a suicide letter, I would have agreed with almost everything he said. 

Am I insane? No, I don’t think so. Though in many circles, considering I just answered myself..I may be. What’s scary about the situation is this man was right in how he felt. Constantly getting burned by the system while the corrupt or lazy get a free ride. Was he on the edge? Obviously, but crazy…not so sure. It would be easy to label him as such, to get the broom and sweep this guy under the rug.  But just for a second, maybe we can concentrate on the message and not the messenger. Again, this was a tragedy in many senses of the word.

We live in a Country that has become complicated, lost, underestimated, tired and lively. Many people speak out on many different issues. Some are worthy of listening, some are a joke. What kind of Country do we live in when a man like this thinks or believes, this is the only way anyone will listen.  Would anyone have listened to his rant? Would anyone have cared? Will anyone read this and actually listen instead of judging. Who knows though I can assure you, I have no plans of offing myself or anyone else. One thing I have to believe in is things will get better and I can only pray that we don’t turn into a country where violence begins to represent our beliefs.

Back to the “Manifesto”. He writes of his story, his ups and downs, how many times he lost his retirement, how many times he got screwed by “The Man”.

Look around friend’s and foe’s. We are in a downward spiral and I don’t think a couple of pieces of candy will be at the bottom leading me to grow bigger or smaller. This is no adventure, though a white rabbit is leading the way. It’s become the 500lb gorilla but everyone keeps petting it like it’s a cute little hoppy, plushy pet. I have to ask myself why everything has become so complicated? I pay my bills, I have searched and searched for work, I pay daycare even when my son isn’t present. I see the doctor’s that write off an illness that’s serious into something mundane. I see criminals getting away with it again and again and I see politicians who give two shits about you or me. Something has changed and I don’t think it’s us, it’s the system. Somewhere in our young, old age…we lost. What’s depressing is, some of us don’t care anymore. We dance around the ring but no one wants to go in for the knock out. We want to complain and vent, but no one wants to say it when it counts. We’ve become Meek. I want to inherit the Earth…but not without knowing I fought for what was right.

If those in office who have the power only by those who have voted them in actually listened to what we are screaming everyday, maybe we would have a chance. But they won’t. Their agenda is blind and I never thought I’d say it but I’m almost sick of all of them, even my own party. I wish we could start over. Take out all the bullshit and sit quietly around a table rereading our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. It was all we needed to guide us in the right direction. That direction has been skewed, stretched, flipped and torn apart.

I could go on, about everything that has gone wrong but one thing is right; We, the people of the United States, have the power to make change. Not “Change we can believe in”..cause if I hear that bull one more time, I might just hurl all over my keyboard. How about change that is real, tangible. I want to touch it, smell it…taste it.

Joseph Stack will go down in history as a terrorist, as did Timothy McVey. Nobody listened to either of them and what followed was disaster, pain, and was not necessary if good ole’ Washington D.C. had taken two seconds to shut up and listen.


Screaming Banshee : Paris Back to jail

Judge orders Paris Back to Jail. FOR 45 DAYS!!!!


Paris left Screaming and crying, “It’s not Right! Mommmm!”


WOW People…too funny.



Greta Van Susteren was in the courtroom and thinks Paris needs medical attention. Paris was shaking, twitching, quivering…and apparently looks very sickly. She also said in her “un-medical” opinion, she needs to see a doctor.

Interesting. Maybe the lesson has already been taught?

Back to Jail :

The Paris Parade…on the way to the Jail House…pass by the Circus.


Johnny Be Rude

Yesterday was Memorial Day and I decided to stick with my Memorial Day post and not talk of politics. But today is a new day.

John Edwards….hum drum, small town boy, “I’ll save the poor”, “I love America”, “I support the Troops” Johnny….this guy, has really taken the cake this last week.

So what Cake did he take?

His stance on Memorial Day and the activities we should take part in.

Now..this is from his site :

As citizens, we honor and support our troops for their service and sacrifice.

As Americans, we are blessed by that sacrifice and support, which keeps us safe and keeps us strong.

As patriots, we call on our government to support our troops in the most important way it can – by ending this war and bringing them home.

This Memorial Day weekend, we will all take responsibility for the country we love and the men and women who protect it. We will volunteer, we will pray, and we will speak out. In the days leading up to Memorial Day, we will take action to support our troops, end the war, and bring them home to the heroes’ welcome they deserve. And on Memorial Day, we will honor and remember all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Each of us has a responsibility to act, a duty to our troops and to each other. Support the troops. End the war.

Then he goes on to tell you things you can do on Memorial Day.

For example:

Get local, get active, and get outdoors. Walk the streets of your neighborhood. Get everyone you know to sign a petition to your local government body—for instance, your town or city council or neighborhood association—to pass a resolution requesting that Congress use its funding authority to support our troops and end the war. Bring the petition to the next meeting. Share your plans here.

Gather in public. On Memorial Day weekend, get your friends, kids, co-workers, neighbors, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, and anyone and everyone you know together to publicly support the troops and end the war. If you hold an event on Memorial Day itself, please make sure that everyone you gather knows it is a day for honoring the fallen only. Be sure to check with your local authority for any permits you need for public gatherings. Contact local media to publicize your event. Before you get started, please take a moment of silence to honor the fallen. And during your event, make sure you conduct yourself respectfully—both for those serving in Iraq and the memory of the brave servicemen and women that Memorial Day honors. Share your plans here.

Get vocal. Buy a bunch of poster-board and markers. At a picnic or with family and friends, make signs that say “SUPPORT THE TROOPS – END THE WAR.” Bring them to your local Memorial Day parade. Many parades are held on Saturday or Sunday. If your parade is on Monday, however, we ask that you choose another action to honor the fallen. Then take a digital photo of yourself and your family or friends holding up the poster and tell us about it. We’ll include it in a “Democracy Photo Album” on our site.

He also has other options inbetween these.

A few examples:

Send our troops a taste of home. Go shopping with your kids, your friends, your neighbors, and buy a whole bunch of stuff that would make a soldier happy to receive (check for restrictions). Then go through a site like Anysoldier.com, OpGratitude.com, or TroopCarePackage.com to send your package to a soldier in Iraq. Take photos and tell us about it.

Pray. Organize a prayer vigil for our troops at your house of worship. Honor the fallen. Tell us about it.

Greet a vet. Before Memorial Day Weekend gets started, get in touch with the Yellow Ribbon Fundand volunteer to provide welcome-back services and mentorships to injured soldiers returning home. Tell us about it.

Nice safety feature don’t you think?

My problem with all of this? It’s a mixed message.

Go out and shake the hand of a Vet and then go take your “end the war” sign to a Memorial Day Parade.

Have we forgotten that War(s) and the Sacrifice of the Men and Women involved in those Wars has lead to the Free and Democratic nation we live in today?

I know that people think talking works, that reasoning can work…understanding; Have we not learned?

The problem is, talking and reasoning only work with people who are willing to talk and reason. If talking and reasoning worked, we would never have war…Never. But we do, why? Because we all have different opinions. We all think we know what’s best.

I’m going to digress for a moment and tell you a story.

In the summer of 2001, July to be exact, my best friend Michelle and I took leave and drove from Dover AFB, to my hometown of Colorado Springs, CO.

One particular evening we decided to head downtown to a bar/restaurant and have a beer and some pizza. Once there, a couple of young college boys invited us to their table. Small talk ensued until they asked us if we were “College” Girls or not. We stated that we weren’t and told them the true nature of our professions…that we were in the Air Force. If we would of known a debate was about to follow we might not have said anything but we did and so came the debate. They questioned our morals, they questioned the Military in general. They asked us why we even needed a Military. To this Michelle and I came screaming to the defense of our Military and told them that there would always be enemies and that’s why we needed the Military. And this is the point in the story to take note of…To that answer they replied and I quote, “We have no enemies, Who are our enemies? The U.S. will never get attacked, mark my words.”

Flabbergasted, we started naming enemies.. “China, North Korea, The Middle East…”

We were so worked up, we threw down money and walked out. We were insulted and couldn’t believe people were so naive. Almost 3 months to the day, we were attacked on 9/11.

After 9/11 there was unabated support for War. Let me say that again, unabated SUPPORT for us going to war. We didn’t wait for anyone to tell us different, we just went to kick some ass. To DEFEND our Nation.

Now Iraq, I realize is a different situation….to a point. They were talking of Regime change  well before Bush took office. After 9/11, truthfully, it just gave us more of an excuse to go in. Nevertheless, Bush still went to the U.N. which, as usual, shuffled their feet and shuffled their feet. The infamous 1441 resolution never held water because the U.N. never stood behind it. They wrote it, then discarded it and ignored it. Meanwhile Saddam was sitting there laughing his Dictatoring fat ass off.

Despite what we knew or didn’t know, Congress passed the “Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002“.

The Senate Voted on October 11, 2002, by a vote of 77-23. John Edwards was one of those “Yes” votes.

The point is, a majority of the House, Senate and American People agreed to the war in Iraq at the time, based on the intelligence we had.

But some of those reasons were found to be untrue. And it is those reasons that have torn this Country apart.

Now we hear the phrase, “I support the troops, I don’t support the war”. How exactly do you accomplish that? Do you send little “Thank You” notes for defending this country and respectfully ask them not to do their job? Do you shake their hand as they walk through the airport and tell them you don’t believe in what they do or stand for but you support them nonetheless?

What a Crock of Bull.

And then you have Edwards, a Presidential Candidate, who sucks the milk from this great land, spits it out and has the audacity to call himself Humble.

He tells American’s, on a day when we remember why we are here and the people who sacrificed for us to get here, ‘ehhh….go on Children, write your signs to end this war and go make your voice heard at a Military Dedicated Parade.’ And Vote for Me..Vote for Me!!!

You never had my vote Edwards, in fact..you’re on the same list John Kerry is on, the “kitty” list.

The same people who preach about destitute parts of the world have no problem signing a death warrant for the Iraqi People. Hypocrites all of you!

“Support Your Troops” doesn’t mean typing it out or saying it. That has no validity.

If you say you support the troops and don’t support this war, I’d like to know what steps you take to support them? And I don’t mean asking everyone and their brother to bring them home. That’s not support…just ask the troops. We know that troops would much rather be home then fighting a war, but what you are asking them to do is against everything they joined and trained for. They want to succeed! Why do so many want them to fail???

Why do we want to “Save Dafur” but not “Iraq”? The list of hypocrisies is so long..it’s tiring and gives me a headache.

It doesn’t matter that Edwards said it, he isn’t going to be President and we all know that.

It’s the fact that the message is being said at all. Whatever happened to American Pride? Lots worry of what the world thinks of us? WHY DO YOU CARE? Do you think if they liked us they might help us? lol Too funny. The fact of the matter is, we have never been liked and yet it’s America, the most hated Nation in the World who comes to the rescue of our enemies.

We are a Great Nation, We are a Generous Nation but if you Mess with us, You pay the Price. That is what I love about America, that is why I support the troops and the mission they are doing. That is why no kitty boy will ever get elected.

No one makes this Country great but ourselves. We need to remember that. It’s the foundation our Founding Father’s laid down for us.

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Why CWonder, that’s not very nice!!!

Yes I know..but I don’t care 🙂


So after Thursday’s Kitty fight between Elizabeth and Rosie, Rosie calls it quits.

Hmmm, how interesting? Don’t you think?

Rosie the dragon spewing, psycho babbling, conspiracy theory’ing, leftist freakazoid couldn’t hang when the going got tough.

You want me to tell you how I really feel? (grin)

I used to like Rosie, in fact, I loved her. I watched all her movies, her show. I thought she was hysterical but this extreme lefty disease got a hold of her, choked her and she submitted to the extreme.

Watching the debates between Rosie and Elizabeth was like watching regular America. That was the only plus side. There are just as many people out there who clap for Rosie as they do for Elizabeth. People actually believe what comes out of her pie hole.

The debates turned argument, turned emotional, turned personal. And let’s be real here, Rosie did most of the attacking.

When it wasn’t an answer she liked, she took that sharp little knife out and poked it a little deeper.

Elizabeth jabbed back…finally got a good one in and…POOF!!! Rosie’s gone.

Considering her attitude on the show and the “My way is the only way” line of thinking; not to mention the total disregard for the Country she lives in; she copped out.

 It seems every time Rosie comes out in public she causes controversy. We forget about her and back again she comes.

Her comments literally make me sick. Shame on you Rosie. 

Someone get a pail of water so we can be done with this nonsense.

Where’s Maddie?


I’ve been avoiding this story. When you have children of your own, especially the same age as a child in the news with an uncertain fate, you can’t help but conjure up horrific images in your own mind of the “what if’s”.

Children go missing everyday. In search of numbers on the internet, I have found only statistical numbers for 2000. In that year :

  • In 2000 – 876,213 missing persons (adults and juveniles) were reported missing to the police and entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer.
  • For the fifteenth time in the eighteen years since the passage of the Missing Children’s Act in 1982, the number of missing persons reported to the police increased. The 2000 reports were up 1% over 1999. The total increase since 1982 is 468% (154,341 entries in 1982 vs. 876,213 in 2000).
  • The FBI estimates that 85% – 90% of missing persons are juveniles. Thus, in approximately 750,000 cases (or 2,100 per day) the disappearance of a child was serious enough that a parent called the police, the police took a report, and the police entered that report into NCIC.
  • In 1990 Congress passed the National Child Search Assistance Act, mandating an immediate police report and NCIC entry in every case. Since 1990, NCIC missing persons reports have increased 32%.
  • The primary NCIC categories in which missing children reports are entered are:
  1. “Juvenile” – 685,617 cases, up .2% over 1999 (police enter most missing child cases in “Juvenile”, including some non-family abductions where there is no evidence of foul play).
  2. “Endangered” – 120,726 cases (adults and juveniles), an increase of 5.8% over 1999 (defined as “missing and in the company of another person under circumstances indicating that his or her physical safety is in danger”).
  3. “Involuntary” – 31,539 cases (adults and juveniles), a decrease of 1.1% from 1999 (defined as “missing under circumstances indicating that the disappearance was not voluntary; i.e., abduction or kidnapping”).

Here’s a scary statistic from 2006:

According to the latest online victimization research

· Approximately one in seven youth online (10 to 17- years-old) received a sexual solicitation or approach over the Internet.

· Four percent (4%) received an aggressive sexual solicitation – a solicitor who asked to meet them somewhere; called them on the telephone; or sent them offline mail, money, or gifts.

· Thirty- four percent (34%) had an unwanted exposure to sexual material – pictures of naked people or people having sex.· Twenty-seven percent (27%) of the youth who encountered unwanted sexual material told a parent or guardian. If the encounter was defined as distressing – episodes that made them feel very or extremely upset or afraid – forty-two percent (42%) told a parent or guardian. [David Finkelhor, Kimberly J. Mitchell, and Janis Wolak. Online Victimization of Youth: Five Years Later. Alexandria, Virginia: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, 2006, pages 7-8, 33.]

And another:

· 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys will be sexually victimized before adulthood.
[D. Finkelhor. “Current Information on the Scope and Nature of Child Sexual Abuse.” The Future of Children: Sexual Abuse
of Children, 1994, volume 4, page 37.]

Most of these statistics can be found at missingkids.com

As one of the statistics above, myself, I certainly don’t want my son to face the same fate.

What happened to Maddie is every parents worst Nightmare.

This has gotten a lot of coverage, worldwide. Why? Because of the ease she was taken.

Some are questioning the parents. How could you leave your kids alone in the room?

For all those questioning, I say, “Shut Up”. You’ve done it too. Maybe not a hotel room, maybe their own room. How many times have you taken the trash out while your kids were asleep? Went and hung out in your backyard on a nice warm evening, the children sleeping safely in the house? If someone had their eye on your child, it wouldn’t matter where you were. When they are ready to try and grab your child they will. They will wait for you to make a mistake, to get complacent as we all can do.

From Court Tv’s Crime Library (A very informative site) :

The most reliable research available indicates that there are only 100-130 cases of stranger abductions a year in the

United States. These events are most frequently committed by males (86%) who are between the ages of 20 and 39 (57%). Again, the child was taken from an outdoor area in 54% of the cases but in 16% of the cases, the victim was abducted from his own yard or home.

Sometimes they are standing right next to you as in the case of Jaime Bulger, one of the most horrifying Child abduction cases I’ve ever read. (Warning, this story is highly disturbing).

My point is, you can’t have your eyes on your kids at all times.

I can imagine Maddie and her family’s day….3 kids, Nice warm day. I’m sure they were all worn out by the evening. Maddie’s parents were probably thinking about a nice quiet evening after a fun-filled but wearing day. They did everything we would of done. Checking on the kids every 15-20 minutes. That’s why this case has made Worldwide Coverage. Because in some way, we all can relate.

A couple of days ago I was stressing my feelings about the situation to my Mother.

And I told her this.

“Mom, I know this is going to sound…”Big Brotherish” and Paranoid but, If I could track my child via GPS, I’d do it in a heart beat. Wouldn’t even think twice. If it cost me a 100 dollars to call every time my son wasn’t where he was supposed to be or I feared anything, I would pay it everyday.”

Better safe then sorry. Well..to my surprise, this is actually an option.

Cell Phone companies offer GPS tracking thru your phones .

GPS-Enabled Cell Phones

The increased demand for enhanced 911 (e911) emergency calling capabilities, stimulated by the events of 11 September 2001, has pushed forward GPS tracking technology in cell phones. At the end of 2005, all cell phone carriers were required to provide the ability to trace cell phone calls to a location within 100 meters or less.

To comply with FCC requirements, cell phone carriers decided to integrate GPS technology into cell phone handsets, rather than overhaul the tower network. However the GPS in most cell phones are not like those in your handy GPS receiver that you take hiking. Most cell phones do not allow the user direct access to the GPS data, accurate location determination requires the assistance of the wireless network, and the GPS data is transmitted only if a 911 emergency call is made.

Also BrickhouseSecurity.com  offers GPS & Locator tracking devices for younger children and older :

From the site:

When the individual leaves a user-defined range, an alarm sounds on the portable Base Unit carried by the parent. The Base Unit can be put into “Find Mode,” used to assist in directing parents back to their children. Each Base Unit can monitor up to 4 tamper-proof Bracelets simultaneously, allowing up to 4 children to be monitored from a single Base Unit. Additional bracelets sold separately.

If the tamper-proof Bracelet is removed from the child’s wrist, a tamper alarm sounds instantly at the Base Unit to alert parents. Because the ionKids Child Monitor & Locator signal is not transmitted via cell towers, there are no recurring monthly charges. For added peace-of-mind, this unit comes with a 1 Year Factory Warranty against product defects.

Other websites I found for GPS tracking:



IsaacDaniel Online (He created GPS shoes for adults ) Very Cool! A Children’s line is coming soon.

Maybe you think this screws with the trust between children/teens and adults or you’re thinking of Privacy issues. But when it comes to your kids, Privacy isn’t as important as keeping them out of the hands of a killer or sex offender. And Trust, well with teens, we’ve all been there. Could we be trusted? Not completely and you know it! If your teen gives you reason not to trust them, why not GPS them? Most teens won’t ditch their cell phone. 🙂

Think about it. Thinking that, “It could never happen to me” is not an answer. I’m not being pushy, but think about the possibilities of having this technology. And think about not having it, if your child goes missing.

Hate Crime? : Channon and Christian


Yesterday I updated you on Fox News covering this story via Bill Hemmer and “BYA” (Because you asked).

Michelle Malkin of hotair.com also mentioned this yesterday. (she has the video also)

I’m writing this because of the comments I have read.

The one clear outcry I hear is, “If this were 5 white people who had done this to a Black couple, it’d be all over the news”. And you would be right.

Why? Because the ilks of Sharpton and Jackson would be shoving it in our faces, showering the Press with how evil the white man can be.
So I ask you, Are we trying to do the same? I don’t think Black people are evil, do you?

I hope not! These 4 Black men and 1 black woman were evil. Just as every other murderer out there, Black, White, Asian, Indian….etc. Evil. Disgusting. If I had a say, I’d say they should die the way they killed their Victim. And then again, does that mean I’m stooping to their level?

So the question is, what are we to gain by this getting out in the National News Theater?

First, you have to discern whether this was a “Hate Crime” in the typical sense of the phrase. Did they purposely do this because they were white? And if it had been a Black couple, would they have had the same fate?

I’m not sure we can answer that and most likely, will never know unless it comes out in trial. But I will admit, that I have doubts it wasn’t.

My opinion? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been in the news a lot lately. Duke and Imus being the most recent of cases. Before the truth of Duke came out, I guarantee a lot of White people were pissed. Why? Because we thought the Duke players were animals. And truth be told, they made White people look like asses. This is a common phenomena these days. White people are trying to move on and far far away from the days of Slavery when Black people were looked down upon and treated like pure shit. The majority of us are not proud of this history. And yet, there are a number of Black people who won’t let us forget.  And maybe we shouldn’t, but damn it, there has got to come a time when we both look at ourselves and each other, admit to all our mistakes, Black and white and get the F*&% Over it. We can never move on if we keep blaming each other for things we had no Control over! I didn’t live back then and neither did you.

So, what does this have to do with Channon and Christian? Because just as white’s are shown their mistakes and evil ways via the news, so should Blacks. Black and White are both capable of horrendous acts and we need to admit to that.

Yesterday I came across this :

Knox Blacks Celebrate Carjacking Rapists in ‘Party’

St. Nicolas Thief, president and founder of Black Poverty Speaks, along with many local Knoxville blacks who live in the Washington Pike area has organized a social action protest celebration championing Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins.

Davidson and Cobbins are the brothers and two of the five suspects charged in the carjacking, kidnapping, rape and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

“We’re coordinating the celebration to to jive with the march angry whites are planning in memory of the victims and because of the ‘media black-out’ they note the case is receiving from national news networks,” Thief, who is currently stationed in Knoxville, said.

“We’re celebrating underprivileged Knoxville blacks who victimize privileged Knoxville whites,” he added.

I was going to post this yesterday but found I couldn’t find an actual “news” link or “newspaper” link to this story.

I found the source was a white supremist blog. Ugh.

Yes the White Supremest/Nazi’s are pushing this story hard. I felt dirty just being on the site.

Nevertheless, if both are true (the plannings of a March by the Nazi’s/Black Poverty Speaks) I say, I’m fine with it.

 Why? Because we need extremists in this country. HOLD ON NOW…I don’t want to lose you yet.

When I see or stumble upon a White Supremest website or person, I am reminded of how much I don’t want to be like them. That I am disgusted by their behavior. I assume the same for a majority of Blacks or hope that when you see a group like “Black Poverty Speaks” you say the same thing.

Extremists are at either side of the spectrum..FARRRRRRRRRR on the other side, it’s up to the rest of us to come somewhere in the middle.

LaShawn’s Barber Cornertalked of this a couple of days ago also…as have numerous other blogs. But LaShawn is Black. She is a columnist for the Washington Examiner and has the same opinion that alot of us do, that this Murder was horrific and why aren’t we hearing about it. And let me be clear, I only note the fact that she is Black because of the story.

Reading her post, reinforced my own thoughts about this. It’s good to see evil in the world so the rest of us can come together and acknowledge our condemnation of it.

UPDATE: Christopher and Channon

Your voices have been heard! Bill Hemmer talked of the case on Fox News this morning. The details were limited but…at least it got out there. Hopefully this will be a snowball effect!

Blogging and writing the major news outlets will get this story out there.

Nothing to link to except the old wire stories… But I’ll keep my eye open.