I need a Doctor not Medicare.

There are many things in the final Health Care bill I could rant and rave about. I’m no fan and feel this 2300 and some page bill should be burned in a fire. So, I shall choose a couple of items within this amended turd to hover over.

Medicare. This bill will expand your lack of Healthcare to more lack of healthcare. Good luck finding a doctor that accepts medicare. If you do find one, a good percentage of you will be traveling  long distance to get your 30 minute appointment. This also puts more burden on the states and guess where the shit rolls? Down to you, dear community neighbors. This may not be Universal Healthcare but we’ll all be paying for it no matter what. The states are going bankrupt. Some of you are owed money by the state and won’t see it. I can guarantee if you owed money to them, you’d be getting that nastygram in the mail a day late of your due time. I imagine it won’t just be in your paycheck you’ll see the hike. Sinful food would cost more, gas, sales tax. If that pocket looks thin now, wait until it’s empty.

Employer Responsibility. So you got some employees and by law, you are not required to offer them insurance. But if you don’t and they subsidize from the Big Teet of the Government, you get fee’d to death. It’s not a wittle teeny fee, uh-uh, it’s a $2000 fee. Oh but wait! Not just a one time fee but $2000 for each employee!

Via NY Post/Associated Press:

EMPLOYER RESPONSIBILITY: As in the Senate bill, businesses are not required to offer coverage. Instead, employers are hit with a fee if the government subsidizes their workers’ coverage. The $2,000-per-employee fee would be assessed on the company’s entire work force, minus an allowance. Companies with 50 or fewer workers are exempt from the requirement. Part-time workers are included in the calculations, counting two part-timers as one full-time worker.

This is my favorite:

GOP HEALTH CARE SUMMIT IDEAS: Following a bipartisan health care summit last month, Obama announced he was open to incorporating several Republican ideas into his legislation. But two of the principle ones – hiring investigators to pose as patients and search for fraud at hospitals and increasing spending for medical malpractice reform initiatives – did not make it into the legislation released Thursday. The legislation incorporates only one, an increase in payments to primary care physicians under Medicaid, an idea mentioned by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

All the hoopla, the manure, the downright lies of what this Bipartisan Summit was supposed to be about. To open communication, to actually listen to each other and 1, ONE idea got into the bill?

Unfreakingbelievable. To say the least, I’m disgusted. To say the most would cause me to put an “R” rating on this post. This bill is so full of crap that if it explodes, we’re gonna have brown gooey shit on faces from Alaska to Florida. You could cure global warming with the shit this bill is filled with. We’d block out the sun and could all panic about global cooling.

I won’t even go into the 16,000 IRS agents that will be needed to check on you every month and make sure you have insurance; Or the Privacy Act that is getting thrown out the window.

Am I proud to be an American? When this Bill gets crushed, torn, ripped to shreds and buried in some nuclear waste site…then I will be proud. Reinstating my Patriotism November 2010.

You can see a breakdown here.

EDIT: I still love this Country…I just despise those who are running it. CW.


The Olympics, Our Flag, Our Anthem, Where’s the Love?

The Olympics. The greatest sports event on earth and we are only blessed with seeing our Champions every 4 years. When the Olympics are on, I never want them to end and when they are over, I’m sad I have to wait 2 more years to see another round of great Olympians.

I have not missed one aired event. Whether it’s DVR’d and I race through the commercials trying to watch it all before Prime Time starts, or I stay up into the pre-witching hour, depriving myself of much needed sleep…I am all eyes. I cheer as if I were there, I coach as if I know what I’m talking about and I encourage as if they could hear me. The greatest moment of all? Watching the time clock and seeing USA in the green. I yell, I scream, I chant “U.S.A.” as I run around my kitchen and back to the living room. Irena Cara sang it best…”What a feeling!” They win the Gold, Silver or Bronze and without realizing it, won the hearts of many Americans who feel like our little cheers helped them push it to the edge.

The last two days have been like Madrid’s Bull Run in our house. You won’t be hearing too many “Ole’s” but there is definitely lot’s of cheering, flag waving and downright maniacal romping. If my house weren’t so young, I’d be worried about its structure.

It started with watching Seth Wescott mouthing the National Anthem while bearing his Gold. He was smiling, our National Anthem sinking in to his victory.  He deserved it, his Snowboard Cross was awesome. I love watching them win, but I love hearing our National Anthem just as much. Whether they sing, carry their hand over their heart or just stare at the flag, eyes glistening with tears, pride and the reality of what they have accomplished; It’s amazing.   Lindsay Vonn teared up which made anyone watching at least think about tearing up. Then there was the Infamous Shaun White. Just saying his name takes my breath away. He is, the MASTER of the Halfpipe. If anyone walked by the house two nights ago, they might have thought about calling the police because the Roars were in waves! I can’t say it any better than the commentator did that night…..as Shaun ends his final run with his Spiraling Double McTwist 1260, the commentator squeals…”There it issssssssss”. First, freaking hilarious how excited everyone was, but second, he proved he didn’t just win Gold, he is Gold. And so last night we watch him accept his medal, showing off his pearly whites, he’s so excited he begins air-guitaring to our Anthem and at the end…an air-drum solo. So Cute.

My point?  Shani Davis,  who won his consecutive gold medal in the 1000m speed skating event. It was fast, it had me on the edge of my seat and when he passed the finish line…I had my hands in the air doing a one-woman wave. So last night I’m excited to watch his Medal Ceremony only to be disappointed and left questioning what it is I just watched.  I wrote it off, for I was about to watch Evan be the first reigning World Champion of Figure skating bring home a gold since Scott Hamilton.

This morning I call my mom to discuss and make sure we each had watched the Olympics last night. One of us will ask if we watched and the other will answer, Of Course I did”. I find conversations like this funny because we both know we wouldn’t miss this for the world! Nevertheless, mom says to me, “I want to talk to you about something because I think you need to write about it.” As soon as she said this…that small little memory that I thought I had repressed  started swimming back down into my conscience and I knew exactly what she was going to say. “Did you see Shani Davis last night? What the hell is a matter with him?” Ahhh mom,  mom, mom…I was having such good thoughts of our wins and I thought it was just me being absurd…but no, this proves it! I wasn’t the only one who felt that Shani Davis looked very uninterested in our Anthem. In fact, he didn’t look at his flag once. No hand over the heart, no mouthing the words, nothing, nada, zilch! So I have to ask myself, What the Eff Shani? You have accomplished great things in a Country that isn’t always so great but is definitely the best place in the world…Where’s the love?  Strange is the only word that comes to mind. I don’t get it, I didn’t get it and I thought to myself last night, “Maybe he’s just caught up in the moment? But this ain’t his first rodeo. He’s won before…. I know he lost a close friend recently and maybe he was saying a little prayer or talking to him; that’s what I want to think but I’m just not so sure. If you recall, when our Anthem had ended, he looked around and then seemed confused about whether to get down or where to go. He just seemed, detached?

Sigh. Well, I will not let it take away my own momentum. I’m on a USA high right now and am so very proud to be in a land that strives for such dedication. By the way, signed my son up for swim lessons. His name is Elias and he’s 5. In 11 years, he will be the next Michael Phelps and he will have his hand on his heart when he wins all his Gold Medals…otherwise Mama will spank him in front of the whole world.



Going Down in Flames…stopped his insanity.

First, before I start my own rant, I want to make it VERY VERY clear, that I do not condone what Mr. Joseph Stack did in Austin today. Having said that….here we go.

Before reading anything else via foxnews.com, I read what is now being dubbed as his “Manifesto“. I couldn’t help but think to myself, that if I was not reading a suicide letter, I would have agreed with almost everything he said. 

Am I insane? No, I don’t think so. Though in many circles, considering I just answered myself..I may be. What’s scary about the situation is this man was right in how he felt. Constantly getting burned by the system while the corrupt or lazy get a free ride. Was he on the edge? Obviously, but crazy…not so sure. It would be easy to label him as such, to get the broom and sweep this guy under the rug.  But just for a second, maybe we can concentrate on the message and not the messenger. Again, this was a tragedy in many senses of the word.

We live in a Country that has become complicated, lost, underestimated, tired and lively. Many people speak out on many different issues. Some are worthy of listening, some are a joke. What kind of Country do we live in when a man like this thinks or believes, this is the only way anyone will listen.  Would anyone have listened to his rant? Would anyone have cared? Will anyone read this and actually listen instead of judging. Who knows though I can assure you, I have no plans of offing myself or anyone else. One thing I have to believe in is things will get better and I can only pray that we don’t turn into a country where violence begins to represent our beliefs.

Back to the “Manifesto”. He writes of his story, his ups and downs, how many times he lost his retirement, how many times he got screwed by “The Man”.

Look around friend’s and foe’s. We are in a downward spiral and I don’t think a couple of pieces of candy will be at the bottom leading me to grow bigger or smaller. This is no adventure, though a white rabbit is leading the way. It’s become the 500lb gorilla but everyone keeps petting it like it’s a cute little hoppy, plushy pet. I have to ask myself why everything has become so complicated? I pay my bills, I have searched and searched for work, I pay daycare even when my son isn’t present. I see the doctor’s that write off an illness that’s serious into something mundane. I see criminals getting away with it again and again and I see politicians who give two shits about you or me. Something has changed and I don’t think it’s us, it’s the system. Somewhere in our young, old age…we lost. What’s depressing is, some of us don’t care anymore. We dance around the ring but no one wants to go in for the knock out. We want to complain and vent, but no one wants to say it when it counts. We’ve become Meek. I want to inherit the Earth…but not without knowing I fought for what was right.

If those in office who have the power only by those who have voted them in actually listened to what we are screaming everyday, maybe we would have a chance. But they won’t. Their agenda is blind and I never thought I’d say it but I’m almost sick of all of them, even my own party. I wish we could start over. Take out all the bullshit and sit quietly around a table rereading our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. It was all we needed to guide us in the right direction. That direction has been skewed, stretched, flipped and torn apart.

I could go on, about everything that has gone wrong but one thing is right; We, the people of the United States, have the power to make change. Not “Change we can believe in”..cause if I hear that bull one more time, I might just hurl all over my keyboard. How about change that is real, tangible. I want to touch it, smell it…taste it.

Joseph Stack will go down in history as a terrorist, as did Timothy McVey. Nobody listened to either of them and what followed was disaster, pain, and was not necessary if good ole’ Washington D.C. had taken two seconds to shut up and listen.

The Hypocrisy of Feminists.

Where do I begin?

As you can see it’s been a long while since I’ve written my personal commentary down but I can not be silent any longer.

I’ve been back in the United States for a year now. It has been an exciting year for politics. Barrack Obama made History while Hillary stood by watching hers taken out by a stampede.

I believe Republicans lost hope and forgot the reasons they were Republicans. The news Medias love affair with Obama took the wind right out of our sails. We became tired, and I believe strongly, that we almost raised a white flag. Scary that such a thought might have crossed our minds.

Then John McCain huffed….and he puffed and he blew that white flag straight out of our hands. Not only did he knock down straw and sticks and bricks, He knocked down an ideology that hope was lost. That, my friends, was our white flag. Today it is back to the beautiful Red, White and Blue. The familiar face we love and cherish so much. The stars we wish on and the stripes that surround us with comfort. How did such a thing come to be?

Sarah Palin. Let me type that again, Sarah Palin.

Why has such an unknown tugged at our heart strings, brought us to our feet and uprooted every bad thing we ever thought of our fellow Republicans? Truthfully, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because she’s from Alaska or because she is a mother of 5 children. Maybe it’s her track record for reform or her strong stance for Conservatism. Maybe it’s because she’s a Woman.

I was never a fan of Hillary, but secretly, I wanted to defend her. She lost the fight with her own party. John McCain reignited the fight in the name of her.

When I think of Sarah, I think of hope, I think of my son with his own familiar disability, Autism and I think of whence we came and where we can go from here. Sarah Palin has become the light in a dim room. I respect McCain and would have voted for him no matter what. But I’m not sure I would of felt as alive as I do right now.

I’m not a feminist. Not because of what they stand for but because of what they have turned their back on. Where are you ladies? Where are the strong women who fought to get where they are, only to take their claws out and strike Sarah Palin’s back? All of the sudden ridiculous questions are being asked about how she could balance such a thing as motherhood and a job? Well I’m so sorry Mr. and Mrs. Feminists….. it must be nice to have the luxury of sitting at home while a husband bakes the bread and slices it for you too. Is she supposed to starve? Does that make her a good mom? “I’m at home ladies with my five children. I can’t feed them but I love them. Yay me”. Give me a righteous break. 

Then her daughter; You have the audacity to attack her children. Who the hell do you think you are? The Virgin Mary? The men and women attacking this young lady are so hypocritical I spit as I say it. I suppose you all went from toddlerism to adulthood without all the mistakes and rebellions of every other teenager I know? Wow, too bad ‘Ripley’s believe it or not’ isn’t still airing. Is it hard being so perfect?

My Father said, in short, “We have all done it, we just got lucky.”

Tonight Sarah will speak. I don’t know what she will say but I do know who will be watching. Everyone. To my fellow Republicans, it’s never been bad. It’s been rough but it’s America and what brings us down, can only make us stronger as we rise again. To my fellow Democrats, vote on what you believe in, not what color or ass you bear. To my fellow independents and all of you in-between;  Listen, listen to your own feelings. Listen to your instinct. Put yourself in the candidates’ shoes. If it doesn’t fit, try another pair on because no one wants to walk around for the next 4 years with cramped feet.

Where did our Compassion go?

The other night, I sat in front of my TV with millions of others as the Sheriff department announced they found the body of Jessie Davis and her unborn daughter.

My heart broke.

A few days before that, I sat watching the news while they talked of a ring of Pedophiles caught and 31 children rescued from these horrendous animals.

I talked of these cases recently on a forum I frequent and was astonished at how many people have lost their compassion.

They question why this or that story is more important then another story. Why is this girl special? Why are any of these stories special?

They aren’t. There are stories that we never hear of. As I type this, someone is dying a horrible death, some child is being raped by a pedophile, some are dying of starvation, while others are killing each other.

I suppose if we let our hearts bleed for all, no blood would be left to sustain ourselves. But that’s not the way I think. 

Within our world is a balance of extremes; Extreme hot vs. cold, wet vs. dry and so on. People are the same. Extreme right vs. left, good vs. evil, hate vs. love, compassion vs. indifference. I’ve talked of extremes before. They are needed in this world so that we know the difference of such things. Without extremes we couldn’t come together and compromise.

It seems these days, less are willing to compromise. So the extremes are making up the majority and ruling.

I would consider myself an extreme when it comes to Compassion. I take things personally, to heart and I can’t help it. My heart is on my sleeve, exposed to the elements,  the negativity and the helpless feelings.

I was stationed at Dover AFB, Delaware for 6 years. I saw the remains of the U.S.S. Cole victims come in on our ramp, I watched the fallen soldiers of Iraq and Afghanistan come thru and the astronauts from the Columbia Disaster.

I remember standing in the Tower, giving a NASA aircraft permission to land. It had been a few weeks since the Columbia disaster and I wasn’t prepared. They landed, parked on the ramp in front of the tower and began unloading caskets. The rest of the controllers saw this, turned back around and continued their joking and conversation. I was horrified.

I stood there and said a silent prayer and paid my respects as I always did when I saw fallen heroes come through. What I wanted to do after that was turn around and ask what was so important that they couldn’t give two seconds of their time to recognize what was right in front of them. But I didn’t. Instead, when I got home I called my Father and asked him why they didn’t care. He told me I was full of passion and that others just don’t see it as I do. He told me some people are afraid to care and some people just don’t care at all.

How depressing. And yet, sometimes I think they might be lucky. As they move on with their lives, I sit and remember the ones lost. Sometimes I lose sleep, sometimes I cry for them and I always talk to God about them. You could say I question my faith at times,  wondering why such innocence is lost. My only fear is that there is nothing after this life and they suffered something horrible for nothing.

An aquaintance asked me if I was alright the other day, he said I was taking everything to personal. If I don’t then who will? I know I’m not the only one, but we seem to be a dying breed.

Yet, hundreds of people came out to help find Jessie Davis. Many people worked together, seeing things most of us could never fathom, to catch a ring of over 700 pedophiles. Fireman risk their lives everyday putting out fires to save others. Our troops are fighting a war to help stabalize a Country which isn’t even ours. Policeman are roaming our streets trying to catch criminals, killers, drunk drivers. Others are volunteering, helping out those whos needs exceed our own.

What would this world be like if we didn’t have people who put others before themselves? It would be a pretty sad world.

So the next time you hear or read of a story where someone’s child has gone missing, a soldier has lost his life, a drunk Driver killed an innocent; Put yourself in that family’s place. You would want justice if it was close to you, you would want to find your loved one and you would hope that other’s felt just an ounce of what you are feeling, hoping someone would help.

Hope is Compassion and without it, we are cold and unforgiving.

Habla Usted Español?

Late last week Arnold Schwarzenegger, to a group of Hispanic journalists, answered a question that has had weekend news shows buzzing!


When asked how hispanic children can improve their academics, he replied with, “You’ve got to turn off the Spanish television set.” AMEN!

So, two sides to this controversy. One side says it was a racist comment, the other side is cheering. The truth is, Arnold is right. Turn off the damn Spanish Television. This is America! This country was built  from immigrants who  learned English. I’m sure there were a few that didn’t, but as we can see today, we’re not speaking German, Italian, SPANISH or any other language in this country but English.

I’m very very tired of Hispanics (not all of course) but some who think we need to cater to them. I go to the grocery store and all the labels are in English and Spanish. Why not Italian, French and German? Why are we catering to the people’s of Mexico???

I’ve never understood this “Minority rules the Majority”. The majority rules, that is why we are a Democracy. Our Founding Father’s may have been of English Decent, but this country was built by Immigrants who came here Legally, learned the language and embraced America. That is why we are great.

For some Hispanics to be offended by Arnold’s comments, I say BOO ON YOU! Get over yourself. You wanted to come here, we didn’t ask you to come. Don’t you dare come here and tell me I have to cater to your language. You cater to mine, and when you do, consider yourself a Great American. Not to mention all the extra doors that will be opened to you if you do turn off that Spanish TV channel..and start watching English speaking channels.

The day I move to Mexico, which will be never, but if I ever do…I would learn the language. It’s very frustrating living in a country where no one speaks your language. I wouldn’t ask the Mexicans…to cater to me in their own country.

A little Respect please! 

Screaming Banshee : Paris Back to jail

Judge orders Paris Back to Jail. FOR 45 DAYS!!!!


Paris left Screaming and crying, “It’s not Right! Mommmm!”


WOW People…too funny.



Greta Van Susteren was in the courtroom and thinks Paris needs medical attention. Paris was shaking, twitching, quivering…and apparently looks very sickly. She also said in her “un-medical” opinion, she needs to see a doctor.

Interesting. Maybe the lesson has already been taught?

Back to Jail :

The Paris Parade…on the way to the Jail House…pass by the Circus.