I need a Doctor not Medicare.

There are many things in the final Health Care bill I could rant and rave about. I’m no fan and feel this 2300 and some page bill should be burned in a fire. So, I shall choose a couple of items within this amended turd to hover over.

Medicare. This bill will expand your lack of Healthcare to more lack of healthcare. Good luck finding a doctor that accepts medicare. If you do find one, a good percentage of you will be traveling  long distance to get your 30 minute appointment. This also puts more burden on the states and guess where the shit rolls? Down to you, dear community neighbors. This may not be Universal Healthcare but we’ll all be paying for it no matter what. The states are going bankrupt. Some of you are owed money by the state and won’t see it. I can guarantee if you owed money to them, you’d be getting that nastygram in the mail a day late of your due time. I imagine it won’t just be in your paycheck you’ll see the hike. Sinful food would cost more, gas, sales tax. If that pocket looks thin now, wait until it’s empty.

Employer Responsibility. So you got some employees and by law, you are not required to offer them insurance. But if you don’t and they subsidize from the Big Teet of the Government, you get fee’d to death. It’s not a wittle teeny fee, uh-uh, it’s a $2000 fee. Oh but wait! Not just a one time fee but $2000 for each employee!

Via NY Post/Associated Press:

EMPLOYER RESPONSIBILITY: As in the Senate bill, businesses are not required to offer coverage. Instead, employers are hit with a fee if the government subsidizes their workers’ coverage. The $2,000-per-employee fee would be assessed on the company’s entire work force, minus an allowance. Companies with 50 or fewer workers are exempt from the requirement. Part-time workers are included in the calculations, counting two part-timers as one full-time worker.

This is my favorite:

GOP HEALTH CARE SUMMIT IDEAS: Following a bipartisan health care summit last month, Obama announced he was open to incorporating several Republican ideas into his legislation. But two of the principle ones – hiring investigators to pose as patients and search for fraud at hospitals and increasing spending for medical malpractice reform initiatives – did not make it into the legislation released Thursday. The legislation incorporates only one, an increase in payments to primary care physicians under Medicaid, an idea mentioned by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

All the hoopla, the manure, the downright lies of what this Bipartisan Summit was supposed to be about. To open communication, to actually listen to each other and 1, ONE idea got into the bill?

Unfreakingbelievable. To say the least, I’m disgusted. To say the most would cause me to put an “R” rating on this post. This bill is so full of crap that if it explodes, we’re gonna have brown gooey shit on faces from Alaska to Florida. You could cure global warming with the shit this bill is filled with. We’d block out the sun and could all panic about global cooling.

I won’t even go into the 16,000 IRS agents that will be needed to check on you every month and make sure you have insurance; Or the Privacy Act that is getting thrown out the window.

Am I proud to be an American? When this Bill gets crushed, torn, ripped to shreds and buried in some nuclear waste site…then I will be proud. Reinstating my Patriotism November 2010.

You can see a breakdown here.

EDIT: I still love this Country…I just despise those who are running it. CW.


Muslims in America

The Pew Research Center  did a poll on Muslims living in America, the results are all over the news this morning.

Via Washingtonpost.com

The survey by the Pew Research Center found that 78 percent of U.S. Muslims said the use of suicide bombings against civilian targets to defend Islam is never justified. But 5 percent said it is justified “rarely,” 7 percent said “sometimes,” and 1 percent said “often”; the remaining 9 percent said they did not know or declined to answer.

Quite different from Muslims living in Britain, France and Spain, which are twice as likely to defend suicide bombings.

I’m not sure if that’s supposed to make me feel better? It doesn’t really.

There’s a lot of positives in this survey but their are some negative’s that are concerning.

Still, the poll found “pockets of sympathy for extremism” particularly among African Americans and young Muslims, said Andrew Kohut, head of the Pew Research Center


Native-born African American Muslims, who represent about 20 percent of the total Muslim population, are its most disillusioned segment, the report shows. They are more skeptical than foreign-born Muslims of the idea that hard work pays off. About 13 percent are satisfied with the way things are going, compared with 29 percent of other native-born Muslims and 45 percent of Muslim immigrants.

9% have a favorable attitude towards Osama Bin laden.

Another interesting fact, A majority of muslims are flocking to the Democrat Party, 6 to 1. This is because a large majority don’t support the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sigh…I support the war, but sometimes I think, “What the hell are we doing there? If they don’t give a shit, why do we?”

Alright, sidetracking this discussion…

Dr.Sanity had a rant the other day on what is wrong with Islam, men in paticular.

First let me say, I completely agree with her!

A piece from her fantastic and informative post.

I have said it before and I will say it again here: the treatment of women under Islam is not only the key to understanding the pathology of the culture, but also the key to developing an antidote to its most poisonous and toxic elements.

Unveiling the women of Islam and eliminating their second-class status; empowering them in the oppressive Islamic countries where their individuality and self-expression has been crushed– may cause a ripple effect that could eventually alter a family structure that currently encourages the development of generation after generation of dysfunctional and pathological men and women.What seems most characteristic about the type of Islam practiced in the Middle East today (and being exported around the world) is that its attitude toward women most certainly has no relationship to reality. Reality is indeed a “mistake” in their eyes, and they fully intend to rectify it–no matter how many deaths and lives are sacrificed to their perverted religious ideology.

Psychiatrists generally refers to this state as “psychotic” and “delusional”.

It has been argued (and there is a great deal of merit in the argument, in my opinion) that Islamist terror can be thought of in part, at least, as a response to sexual rage, frustration, and the humiliation of being connected to a “degraded mother.” Thus the men in the culture must constantly assert their masculinity, defend their masculine “honor”, and strike out in rage against any who “shame” them.

I wrote of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book, Infidel here; Dr. Sanity’s post reminds me of the book. So maybe it would be educational to read both.

A lighter side to Crisis.

When I first got my gmail account, which wasn’t that long ago I discovered Google Alerts. Not knowing exactly how it worked, I typed in Breaking News. Now I get alerts on every story that features the words “Breaking” or “News”. You can imagine how many alerts I get.

Nevertheless, today, while scanning my first alert email of the morning I came across a piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer (via philly.com) by Annabelle Gurwitch.

I’ve always thought Annabelle was hysterical and this piece confirms it.

While she’s on a plane, she sees a breaking story on CNN of the Fire in Griffith Park and realizes it’s her neighborhood.

She tells of her panic and journey back to her house, evacuating and forgetting to pack underwear.


When you are breaking news,

 you are what you forget to pack


Annabelle Gurwitchis a contributing writer

and commentator

for “Day to Day” on NPR

I was sitting on a plane Tuesday, flipping through the channels on my seatback TV: makeover show, makeover show, home decorating tips, CNN breaking news story on a fire, Maria Bartiromo has great hair.

Wait a minute. Gee, that CNN shot looked familiar.

I flipped back. It was my neighborhood. No, it was right above my house. My family lives in the hills that back up to Los Angeles’ Griffith Park.

Even in these reality-TV-saturated days, no one wants to be featured in a breaking news story. Breaking news is never good.

As the plane flew, I watched the fire burn, unable to phone home. Only the day before, I had seen TV pictures of the residents of Greensburg, Kan. – and their neighborhoods and houses, or where their houses used to be – looking bedraggled, struggling to cope.

I started to cry.

But there was no way of knowing how seriously my family was affected. So I stopped crying and watched the end of a Law & Order episode.

As soon as we landed, I called the house. The fire was under control, my husband said, but as I drove home from the Burbank airport, I could see the fire right next to the freeway, lighting up the trail my son and I hiked the previous week. The sun was shining, and the park glowed an eerie yellow. It was kind of beautiful, in an end-of-the-world way.

I went to my son’s school to pick him up, and we could see the fire on the hills, right where we were headed: home.

“Front-row seat,” my son said excitedly as I assured him everything was going to be fine.

But not long after that, helicopters circled above us and the neighbors gathered in the street, transfixed by the fire line. Gallows humor set in. We unfurled our hoses and took bets on whose house would go up in flames first. Then the word spread: The police had ordered a mandatory evacuation.

I’ve always wondered what I would take with me in the event of an emergency. Now I know. I packed our cat, our son’s favorite stuffed animals, my grandmother’s silver, and a really expensive pair of shoes. No underwear, but our wedding invitation and some designer shampoo! What was I thinking?

It’s weird to drive away from your home as flames shoot up in your rear-view mirror. As I sped away in one car and my husband and son took off in the other, I had the same barely-in-control feeling I had watching the ’92 riots unfold. Roads closed off, street lights out, police and firetrucks racing by me, cars honking. Across Los Feliz Boulevard, crowds gathered.

My cell phone rang. In that spirit that unites people in a crisis, everyone in our two-block radius called each other: “Do you have a place to go to? Do you have your medication?”

“I have no panties!” I kept telling people, in what has to be the most inappropriate observation made all night.

My family spent the night at a friend’s house farther west in the hills. We could see the flames kicking up until we went to sleep. We woke up at the usual time. I insisted that my son do his homework over breakfast with our friends.

The not-so-breaking news was good. No houses were lost in Los Feliz, and soon enough word would come that we could return home. We were grateful for devoted firefighters.

As I drove my son to school, I kept repeating the mantra I heard from Katrina survivors, and then the Kansans: “I just want to get back to normal.”

And I found myself thinking about how everyone looks the same in an emergency, how quickly my family had been transformed into those sweat-pants-wearing, dirty-T-shirt-sporting, tangled-hair evacuation people. And how easily the transformation could have gone from one night’s evacuation to something much worse.

We became the breaking news, and breaking news is never good. But it can serve to remind us of how closely linked we are to one another.

And to always pack underwear.


Read more Annabelle @ NPR.org

NY Times Dix Us

Surprising that the NY Times goes too far? I think not!

Instead of praising our Intelligence/FBI for grabbing these Bastards before they shot and killed a whole bunch-o-soldiers, They want to blame them.

Oh don’t let the Newspeak fool you!. (The proof is in the Bold!) 

At this point…they are raising questions. Seems like a set-up to me.

It was August 2006 when one of the young Muslim men accused of plotting to kill soldiers at Fort Dix first broached the idea, according to the authorities. Talking to an informer who was secretly taping the exchange, the young man said that he thought he could round up six or seven other men willing to take part, and that a rocket-propelled grenade might be the most effective weapon, the authorities said.

And he had one more notion: He wanted the informer to lead the attack, according to a federal complaint. “I am at your services,” the young man is quoted as telling the informer, who had presented himself as an Egyptian with a military background.

That moment, recorded on tape and submitted in federal court this week in Camden, N.J., as the authorities charged six Muslim men in the plot, captures something of the complexity of using informers in terror investigations. The informer, sent to penetrate a loose group of men who liked to talk about jihad and fire guns in the woods, had come to be seen by the suspects as the person who might actually show them how an act of terror could be carried off.

You can read the rest of the article here, where it questions the motives of Informers.

This isn’t anything new. Gitmo has been causing this same kind of press.

I’m all for Humanity and being Humane in our actions. But…when it comes to me or Him (terrorist), I choose Me.

I’m sorry, but a Line has to be drawn somewhere. We may have been created Equal, but many don’t live up to it. When it comes to terrorists, three of which were Illegally here, Free will says you chose to pick a terrorist fight with an American Base. YOU LOSE.


NY Times obviously is stirring the pot and letting the shit fly freely.

Good Journalism?  I don’t think so. I think they are backing the terrorists. It sure looks like it. They want to play defense Lawyer..go ahead. I would hope that the American People would see thru this politiking. But I doubt it. To me, this is what feeds the extremists. Something else to Protest.