Tebow Time is Over?

It usually takes a lot for me to get fired up enough to write a blog post these days but I am almost sickened by the comments coming from all sides, experts and common folk a like. First and foremost, I’m not a Christian, second, I’m a born and bred Bronco Fan and third, I love Tebow.

The game today against the Patriots was a disappointment and in some instances, unbelievable….the mistakes that were made, but Tebow fought and he fought hard. The fact that this game and not the last 6 he had won had to prove he was a good Quarterback is the stupidest and silliest thing I’ve heard come out of any mouth.  This year the Patriots  lost to the Buffalo Bills….REALLY?, the Steelers and the Giants. But Tebow had to prove himself against Brady? A joke in and of itself.  Tebow had won the last 6 games against the Raiders, Chiefs, Jets, Chargers, Vikings, & da Bears. Fantastic teams? I’ll answer that! No, they haven’t been but the Chiefs just broke the Packers Streak today and who woulda thunk it?

The fact that what this is really about is the experts harp on his skills and the common folk make fun of his religious beliefs. We as people…are disgusting. What right does anyone have to stoop so low? It’s not his religious beliefs that help him win games, it’s his unbelievable positive attitude….thru thick and thin. Many of us could learn from such a role model as most of us are greedy complainers who aren’t happy unless we are spoiled rotten.

The Broncos have changed with Tebow. They fight harder and longer and that’s not due to Tebow and his prayer on the sideline, it is completely due to heart.

Tebow need not prove a damn thing to his fans as he already has proven what an inspiration he is to everyone. Colorado couldn’t be luckier so you all keep hating on him, it just makes him stronger.